Saturday, August 13, 2022

Faves of 2022 Vol. 2

Right off the bat I'll cop to cheating a little on this mix. There's two songs from 2021 that I neglected to find last year (I know, right? How can such a thing happen?) and I'm including them here for no other reason than they're all kindsa awesome.
Of course, "all kindsa awesome" describes the other 22 songs as well. Seems that as soon as I start to despair that my antiquated rockist preferences are outmoded, old fashioned, and/or laughably out of date, a new batch of young bands shows up to casually storm the Bastille. So as much as rock n' roll may already be a desiccated corpse lying in an open coffin, it turns out all you gotta do is shoot some electricity through it to keep that carcass moving.

1. C0urettes Talkin' About My Baby
2. Beach Day Saturday Night
3. R00ni Indigo
4. Peter D0novan This Better Be Good 
5. The Spark1ers Late Great Saturday Night
6. Dr. B00gie You're Not The Only One
7. Bandit0s Time Wasted
8. The Sweet Things Ride It Home
9. Gyasi Black Strap
10. Spira1 Stairs Pressure Drop (End of the Hurricane)
11. R0wan Nothing's Gonna Change
12. Dirty F1ix I Agree
13. Michae1 Monroe Can't Stop Falling Apart
14. The G00n Sax In The Stone
15. Pkew Pkew Pkew Mom's Dime 
16. Extra Arms Big Dogs
17. Dirty Bynum I Don't Wanna Be Alone
18. Sunf1ower Bean Baby Don't Cry
19. Go1d Star Cherry Red
20. Shanda & the How1ers Whatcha Gonna Do Now?
21. The Interrupters My Heart
22. Supercrush Perfect Smile
23. Bishop's Daredevi1 Stunt C1ub Hold You Up
24. The Lings Neverending Lonely Rush M.A.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Summer 2022

This is pretty much a typical UHM summer mix in that the season itself isn't necessarily summoned in the lyrics as much as the overall sound. That sound can perhaps best be described as blissfully melancholic reflection, which doesn't always equate to mellow or introspective. As well, these mixes usually pull tunes from all over the last 50 years of music, searching to uncover those half-forgotten buried masterpieces of previous eras. Or, to put it simply, it's a mix to complement that icy cocktail in the sweltering heat.

Slipped The Last Of His Cash In The Music Machine

1. The Suburbs Summertime
2. C0rnershop Something Makes You Feel Like
3. VER0 Special
4. Nikky Egan Summer in the City
5. Sunset Va11ey Red Thai Sunday
6. Heatwaves Tell Me What You See
7. Young Guv Only Wanna See U Tonight
8. Ha1ey Mary A Boy Called Rock n' Roll
9. Diane C0ffee Sharks
10. Fantastic Negrit0 Nibbadip
11. The Dip Vacation
12. Bandit0s Here Tonight
13. Razor1ight Golden Touch
14. Boy Go1den KD and Lunch Meat
15. Pretenders The English Roses
16. Hurry Slogging Through Summer
17. Triptides So Many Days
18. Wi1d Feathers Another Sunny Day
19. Dr. B00gie Not So Far Away
20. Res Let Love
21. E1ise LeGrow Drinking in the Day
22. Busty & the Bass Summer

Monday, April 18, 2022

Faves of 2022 (vol. 1)

When it comes to losing one's idols, this has been a rough first quarter to the year. Bad enough that Pat Fish (aka the Jazz Butcher) shuffled off his mortal coil far too soon, but the recent death of Chris Bailey on top of that was a total gut punch. I fell in love with that first Saints album on its initial release. The combination of Ed Kuepper's assaultive guitar and Bailey's charismatic rasp (which was somehow both flat AND tuneful) hit me right between the eyes. I remember sneaking side one on at a house party in small town British Columbia in 1977 and even though my fellow revelers were a million times more into Steve Miller and Fleetwood Mac that didn't stop the entire party from literally pounding the walls for all five minutes of "Messin' With The Kid." Definitely one of those moments that rivals anything referenced in Roy Batty's dramatic "tears in the rain" speech at the climax of Blade Runner. 

RIP Chris Bailey, Pat Fish, Mark Lanegan, Ronnie Spector, King Louie Bankston (Exploding Hearts), Rachel Nagy (Detroit Cobras), Betty Davis
1. Simon L0ve You and Me
2. Mattie1 Subterranean Shut-In Blues
3. Wet Leg Wet Dream
4. Swami J0hn Reis I Ain't Your Pawn
5. H00doo Gurus Carry On
6. Sp00n The Hardest Cut
7. Pink M0untaintops Nervous Breakdown
8. D0pe Lemon Rose Pink Cadillac
9. King Hanna All Being Fine
10. Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Break Right In
11. Y0ung Guv Lo Lo Lonely
12. He11acopters Tin Foil Soldier
13. Faz Wa1tz Shame On You
14. Diam0nd Dogs Alright Brutus, I'm On
15. Urge 0verki11 Freedom!
16. Cheap Star Holding On
17. F0xy Shazam Love Rush Ecstacy
18. Beechw00d Front Page News
19. The Linda Lindas Growing Up
20. J0n Spencer & the HITmakers My Hit Parade
21. The Dip Paddle to the Stars
22. Beachheads Break Right In
23. Ex-V0id (Angry At You) Baby
24. Gaso1ine Who's Gonna Stop Me?
25. Ceramic Anima1s Tangled
26. The Jazz Butcher Goodnight Sweetheart

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Orphans 2021


Well dern, that was a loooong search. It's a little frustrating too, because I know there's a ton of bands out there trying to get noticed and simply disappearing in the glut of overwhelming everything that is the internet. But what can ya do? That's not going to change - and we'd all probably complain loudly if it did.

So big thanks to all the bands out there still trying. You're appreciated. And while I'm handing out thank-yous, I should also tip my cap to those who've stuck around, especially those who have ever posted in the comment section. Some days that's all that keeps me going. Appreesh!

A Computer That's Been Programmed to Dream

1. Edis0n Lights Josephine (in Quarantine)
2. The Jr. League Library Bar
3. Hurry It's Dangerous
4. The Reyt0ns Kids Off the Estate
5. S1othrust Once More for the Ocean
6. S0uthern Avenue Fences
7. Dec1an We1sh & the Decadent West Talking to Myself
8. Sami Yaffa Down At St. Joe's
9. Lucer0 Back in Ohio
10. Need1es//Pins Winnipeg '03
11. The 0n and 0ns Vanishing Act
12. Sister Suzie  (Are You Gonna) Give Me a Kiss
13. The Linda Lindas Oh
14. Ind0nesian Junk Policeman
15. Ryan Hami1ton Do the Damage
16. S1ick Just Meat
17. Mad Ro11ers Black Days
18. The Ho1d Steady Riptown
19. Beatrice Deer Cannibal
20. P0inted Sticks Pessimist's Son
21. De1 Amitri Happiness Is it
22. The F0rty Nineteens The Worst Thing I Could Do
23. Spearmint Rock n' Roll Never Was
24. Cowbe11 Garage Flowers
25. Deaf Schoo1 Where Do We Go From Here?

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Best of 2021


The Un-Herd Music Top 50 of 2021

1. Art Bergmann Late Stage Empire Dementia

He's been a hard luck legend of the Canadian underground for 40 years now, and while it's something of a surprise this album exists at all I can't say it's any surprise that it's so effin' excellent. 




2. The Courettes Back in Mono

The echoed drums, baritone sax deep in the mix & girl group melodies wed Spector's Wall of Sound with the raggedy looseness of 60s garage punk. A triumph all around.




3. Hayley Mary The Drip  

There's a layer of melancholy lying just underneath the driving guitar buzz that lends these highly melodic tunes an impressive staying power. Technically only an EP, but match it with the previous year's "The Piss, The Perfume" and you've got an album for the ages.



4. Steve Conte Bronx Cheer

An album that not only screams New York, but also offers - in its barrage of hard rock hooks - testament to the reasons why Conte was first choice as Johnny Thunders' fill-in in the reformed New York Dolls.



5. Jelani Aryeh I've Got Some Living To Do

Precociously talented at such a young age, Jelani Aryeh grabs pieces from pop, soul, R&B, and indie and puts them together in refreshingly original ways.




6. We Are The Union Ordinary Life

There are layers of social, political, and lyrical reasons to appreciate this album, but none of that would matter much if the music (a quantum leap forward for both ska-punk and pop-punk) didn't pack such a punch. 



7. Amyl and the Sniffers Comfort To Me

While Amy Taylor still doesn't exactly sing, she chants and rants with a charisma that sits perfectly amid the band's ACDC-meets-Radio Birdman attack. And while it's understandable she gets tagged as a female Iggy Pop, it's also evident that she's powered by a more righteous anger than any male counterpart might muster.



8. Made Violent Wannabe

Every now and then I'll find a small miracle - in this case, garage punk with an infectious 50s sock hop sensibility in its melodic construction - that forces me to champion the band as an underdog. Will we ever hear from them again? Who knows. In the meantime, we've got "Wannabe."



9. Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs Real One

A declarative reminder this kind of music is far too scarce. Not metal, not punk, not indie or alternative - no need for a hyphenate at all - just melodic, aggressive, proudly electric rock that refuses to leave my player. 




10. Reigning Sound A Little More Time With Reigning Sound

Reaches back to their first 2 albums (the pedal steel of "Break Up Break Down" and the garage punk R&B of "Time Bomb High School") and creates what might be their crowning achievement. 




11. L.A. Exes Get Some
12. Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders There's Pretty Things in Palookaville
13. Ike Reilly Because the Angels
14. The Blips The Blips
15. EUT Party Time
16. Brothers Steve Dose
17. Peppermint Kicks Peppermint Kicks
18. Daniel Romano Cobra Poems
19. Ryan Hamilton 1221
20. You Am I The Lives of Others 
21. Sour Ops X
22. Shannon & the Clams Year of the Spider
23. Mad Rollers Get Mad
24. Ryan Allen What a Rip
25. Real Sickies Love is for Lovers
26. Tommy Womack I Thought I Was Fine
27. The Wildhearts 21st Century Love Songs
28. Kiss the Tiger Vicious Kid
29. Aimee Mann Queens of the Summer Hotel
30. Curtis Harding If Words Were Flowers
31. Radio Days Rave On
32. Split Squad Another Cinderella
33. Blunt Bangs Proper Smoker
34. Geoff Palmer Charts and Graphs
35. Too Much Joy Mistakes Were Made
36. Hurry Fake Ideas
37. Cocktail Slippers Shout It Out Loud
38. Ellen Foley Fighting Words
39. The Forty Nineteens The New Roaring Twenties
40. Suzi Quatro The Devil in Me 
41. Boy Golden Church of Better Daze
42. Watts Shady Rock 'n' Rollers
43. Needles//Pins Needles//Pins
44. Yola Stand For Myself
45. The Fleshtones Face of the Screaming Werewolf
46. Beatrice Deer Shifting
47. Emperor Penguin Corporation Pop!
48. Parquet Courts Sympathy For Life
49. Elise LeGrow Grateful
50. Nick Waterhouse Promenade Blue 
1. Art Bergmann Entropy
2. C0urettes Misfits and Freaks 
3. Steve Conte Recovery Doll
4. Hay1ey Mary Would You Throw a Diamond?
5. Rea1 Sickies Give and Take
6. LA Exes Temporary Goodbye
7. Je1ani Aryeh Stella Brown
8. Y0u Am I The Waterboy
9. Sour 0ps Inside the Mind
10. Radi0 Days When I'm With You
11. We R The Union Broken Brain
12. Sam C0ffey & the Iron Lungs Lately
13. Amy1 & the Sniffers Security
14. Sp1it Squad Hey DJ
15. EUT Party Time
16. Peppermint Kicks Hey Fanzine!
17. Geoff Pa1mer This Monkey
18. Pat T0dd Cheap Nostalgia
19. Made Vio1ent You Had It Easy
20. Reigning S0und Oh Christine
21. Bros Steve Next Aquarius
22. Shannon & the C1ams Year of the Spider
23. The B1ips Wild Thing II
24. Danie1 Romano Nocturne Child

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Unherd Christmess 2021



Wishing everyone a happy holidays!

And maybe, just maybe, a bit of normalcy in the New Year!

Kick Rudolph In The Nuts

1. UK Subs Hey Santa Claus!
2. Do11yrots One More Sleep
3. The C0urettes Xmas I Can't Wait
4. Lisa Mycho1s Xmas Wake Up!
5. Empty Hearts It's Xmas Time
6. S1oan Merry Xmas Everybody
7. C1assic Ruins Scrooge's Body Shop
8. He1en Love Merry Xmas (I Don't Wanna Fight)
9. God1db1ade City of Xmas Ghosts
10. David W00dard Around the Power Pop Tree
11. Quiet C0mpany Alone on Xmas
12. Beatrice Dear Xmas
13. Dude Y0rk Long Distance Xmas
14. Heatwaves Xmas Mom
15. Shake S0me Action Xmas in the Sun
16. Green Day Xmas Time of Year
17. Nick Piunti Xmas Morning
18. Nico1e Atkins Every Single Xmas
19. Pau1 Ke11y Xmas Train
20. Smithereens Run Rudoph Run
21. JD McPhers0n Hey Skinny Santa!
22. Rich Ragany December in my Heart
23. LA X's My Favorite Time of Year
24. Punch1ine Xmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Faves of 2021 (Vol. 3)

This marks the last of the faves mixes for 2021, and I'm still fairly optimistic that there'll be enough late finds to constitute an orphans mix not too long into next year. Now, I'll admit that optimism stems from nothing other than the tingling of my spidey senses telling me I missed some gems... but these days I'll take optimism from anywhere I can get it.

Additionally, this mix contains what might be my song of the year. I'm not going to contaminate the listening experience by identifying it, but I'm curious if the UHM regulars out there share the same fave. Let me know your choice in the comment section.

Don't We All Need Some Time To Unwind

1. Br0s Steve Get On Up
2. Boy Go1den KD and Lunch Meat
3. LA Exes Baby Let's Pretend
4. The C0urettes Want You! Like a Cigarette
5. The Shivas Rock Me Baby
6. E11en Fo1ey I'll Be True 
7. The Sanitizers Kiss Me I'm Vaccinated
8. Shannon & the C1ams Mary, Don't Go
9. Brad Sux How to Not Kill Yourself
10. The RTs We Didn't Know
11. Sam Evien Freezee Pops
12. FUR Wild Heart
13. B1unt Bangs She's Gone
14. Kiss the Tiger Motel Room
15. Cocktai1 S1ippers She Devil (Shout It Out Loud)
16. Bat Fangs Action
17. The Daydream Doin' What You're Doin' Anyway
18. Brins1ey Schwartz You Can't Take It Back
19. Je1ani Aryeh From These Heights
20. Ve11a & Macy Grey Blue
21. E1ise LeGrow Feel Alright
22. Jesse Ma1in State of the Art
23. Eden James Bad Girl
24. The Wi1dhearts Sort Your Fucking Shit Out