Saturday, October 2, 2021

Covers Project Vol. 20

Don't know why, but it feels like forever since I've posted a new mix, even though it's only been slightly longer than a month. Just hope there's still people out there interested in listening. And by people I mean, y'know, sentient bipedal beings as opposed to the bots and spammers that have been showing up in the comments section. 

Anyway, it's time for another covers mix. And, as usual, there's no need for any further explanation. Just a selection of great songs from beginning to end.  No ironic detachment necessary.

I'm Sick To Death Of Hearin' Things

1. Checkered Hearts My Best Friend's Girl (The Cars)
2.  M0m When You Were Mine (Prince)
3.  Pete Y0rn Here Comes Your  Man (Pixies)
4. G0spelbeacH Lovin' You Ain't Easy (Pagliaro)
5. The Regrettes Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)
6. Sp00n Breakdown (Tom Petty)
7. Lucinda Wi11iams Sway (Rolling Stones)
8. Crocodi1es Burning Up (Madonna)
9. Cocktai1 S1ippers Hush (Joe South via Deep Purple)
10. E1ectric Six Strutter (Kiss)
11. Cheep Trick Rebel Rebel (David Bowie)
12. Prima1 Scream Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon)
13. Real Sickies Jeepster (T.Rex)
14. Die T0ten Hosen Shake Sherry (The Contours)
15. E11en Fo1ey I Found A Love (Wilson Pickett via the Falcons)
16. Starcraw1er I Need To Know (Tom Petty)
17. Skids Violence (Mott the Hoople)
18. A1ice C00per Sister Anne (MC5)
19. K7s Touring (Ramones)
20. The L0ngshot Southern Girls (Cheap Trick)
21. Garbage Starman (David Bowie)
22. Whiteh0rse Fade Into You (Mazzy Star)

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Faves of 2021 (Vol. 2)

At the risk of stating the obvious, holy fug I'm tired of this pandemic. And even more tired of the people who seem to want to extend it into an undefined future. Can we just act like sentient beings for a few weeks and quash this shit, please? Pretend. You have. A brain.
And, on the other side of the ledger, a big cheers n' thank-you to all the artists out there who continue to kick ass while revenue and live gigs get scarcer. Your resiliency and creativity have been inspirational.

As far as this mix goes, these are the songs that have lit up my world during the last quarter. There's a couple that are debatable as 2021 releases, but I'll let that slip if you will.

Lost In Pig Heaven Now Let Me Check The Map 

1. We Are The Uni0n Make It Easy
2. Rea1 Sickies Hold On Baby
3. Hay1ee Mary The Drip
4. F1aming Sideburns Soulshaking
5. The Nuc1ears Steer You Wrong
6. TUNS I'll Only Love You More
7. Yo1a Whatever You Want
8. Pat T0dd & the Rank0utsiders Turn Back the Hands of Time
9. Y0u Am 1 We All Went Deaf Overnight
10. Ike Rei11y Trick of the Light
11. Hay1ey & the Crushers Kiss Me So I Can
12. The Adam Br0wn Get Up
13. Inha1er It Won't Always Be Like This
14. David Shaw Disrepair
15. Heatwaves I Do, I Do
16. Hearts Apart I'm So Blue
17. Tragica11y Hip Just As Well
18. Amp1ifier Heads Jaw Teaser
19. Nata1ie Sweet Video Phone
20. Geoff Pa1mer Many More Drugs
21. T0mmy Ray No No No No
22. Mannequin Pussy To Lose You
23. Art Bergmann Christo-Fascists
24. Peppermint Kicks When Rock & Roll Met Your Dad

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Summer 2021

Not much to say about this one, except that it's a whole vibe.

The Lager Tastes Like Lemonade

1. Asa Grateful 
2. B0ys with Perpetual Nervousness Summer
3. EUT Cool
4. Jaz E1ise Rock & Groove
5. Jeb Loy Nicho1s The World Loves A Fool
6. Surf Bunnies Summertime is Surfin' Time
7. The Piranhas Getting Beaten Up
8. 2nd Grade Summer Interlude
9. B1ack 0wls Octopus Flat
10. Georgia Sate11ites Another Chance
11. The Babe Rainb0w California
12. Litt1e Eva Mr. Everything
13. Spang Sisters Jenny
14. J0 J0 Zep & the Fa1cons So Young
15. Sharon J0nes & the Dap Kings Inspiration Information
16. We R the Uni0n Boys Will Be Girls
17. GBV Sunshine Girl Hello
18. J0rdan J0nes O My Heavenz
19. Twin Temp1e Satan is a Woman
20. Locks1ey In Celebration
21. The Bamb00s The Thing About You
22. Long Beach Dub A11stars Dream
23. Busty and the Bass Figure It Out
24. Sam C0ffey & the Iron Lungs Gates of Heaven

Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Great Glam Rock Revival

One of the pleasant surprises of this new(ish) millennium has been the mostly unheralded revival of 70s glam. It's not surprising that it's been an influence - I mean, you can hear Iggy, the Dolls, Bowie, or Mott in almost every non-metal high energy guitar band of the past 50 years (almost) - but what I do find surprising is the rebirth of that rolling, boot stomping beat of the obscure junk shop glam bands that followed in the jetstream of the originators and had a lifespan of the 3 minutes it took to play their single. There's a previous UHM mix that focuses entirely on that era here, if you're at all interested. 

And just a note on a couple of entries: these Crash Street Kids are a different band than the Crash Street Kids idolized in power pop circles for their "Into You" single in the 80s (although both are named after a Mott the Hoople song), and this Flash Bastard is a band from LA, as opposed to the similarly monikered bunch from Vancouver (compiled on previous mixes), and the GospelbeacH track is a cover of a song by Chunky (who were one of those aforementioned junk shop bands). 

Ever-Ready Supernatural Spawn Of Class and Glamour

1. Creem Circus Gimme Glitter
2. Crash St. Kids Mary, Queen of the Rock
3. Smash Fashi0n Super Glam
4. Gyasi Kiss Kiss
5. Biters Gypsy Rose
6. F0xy Shazam Teenage Demon Baby
7. B1ack 0wls I May Be Mistaken
8. G0spelbeacH Albatross Baby
9. Prima D0nna Soul Stripper
10. Wy1dlife Trash
11. Tsar The Love Explosion
12. The Nuc1ears Lightspeed Getaway
13. Mi1es Kane Cry On My Guitar
14. Po11y Put a Little English On It
15. Ve1veteen Rabbit Too Much, Just Enough
16. Sister Suzie What's Your Deal?
17. Faz Wa1tz Got Me Goin'
18. Zachary James & the A11-Seeing Eyes Outta Space
19. The Sore1s School Girl Blues
20. F1ash Bastard Stutter On
21. Stag Electric Mistress
22. Giuda Yellow Dash
23. River City Rebe1s Glitter and Gold
24. Sp0nge Wax Ecstatic (to Sell Angelina)

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Faves of 2021 (Vol. 1)

Gotta say, these first number of months in 2021 have renewed my hope that things are slowly finding a new normal out there. At least in terms of new music, there's been a wealth of awesome stuff to pick from. It almost allows me to forget that there's a threat of a 3rd wave, plus an array of variants coming down the pike. Almost. And honestly, I'm not sure if we should be forgetting. There's rebuilding to do, restructuring, rethinking... and so much lost that needs to be remembered. But, at least, for the length of time it takes to play 26 faves we can all escape into simple appreciation.

RIP Gerry-Jen Wilson

It's Hard To Get Up When You're Already Falling Down

1. Ryan A11en Get to the Gig
2. Rat Co1umns I Can't Live On Love 
3. Heartie Har Calling You Out
4. Reigning S0und A Little More Time
5. Bu11 Green
6. Made Vio1ent Two Tone Hair
7. Sam C0ffey & the 1ron Lungs She Knows
8. EUT What Gives You The Kicks
9. Sour 0ps Do You Wanna Be Like Them?
10. Ben Kwe11er Heart Attack Kid
11. P0ny By the Way
12. Friedberg Yeah
13. The Snutz Maybe California
14. The F1eshtones Face of the Screaming Werewolf
15. Death by Unga Bunga Egocentric
16. Suzi Quatr0 Motor City Riders
17. Tad 0verbaugh & the Kickbacks Goin' the Mile
18. T00 Much Joy Not Being You
19. B0ys With Perpetual Nerv0usness Can't You See
20. Peacers Alloyed Sheik
21. Nick Waterh0use Fugitive Lover
22. 01ivia Jean Punkette
23. The B1ips Inside Out
24. Kid Gu11iver Beauty School Dropout
25. B1ack Honey Summer '92
26. Bob Vy1an I Heard You Want Your Country Back

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Radio UHM

It's kind of amazing how many songs there are about the radio, considering nobody under 30 would know what one is. The entire concept seems more an outlet for manufactured geriatric outrage (in sports and politics) than a viable delivery system for new music - but then again I've been wholly ignorant of what's going on with satellite radio. Maybe there's more than one Little Steven's Underground Garage out there. Let me know if you've got suggestions for some of that old-fashioned retro dial tuning.

It's The Sound Without A Home Address

1. The Tearaways Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?
2. Superdrag Radio
3. Hunters Radio
4. Nude Beach Radio
5. F1ash Bastard Bastard Radio
6. The New Frustrations Radio Generation
7. Yukon B1onde Radio
8. Prope11er Turn On The Radio
9. Ex Hex Radio On
10. Bamboo Kids Radio Rebel
11. The Sharks Turn On The Radio
12. The Crunch Gangster Radio
13. Backstreet Gir1s Radio
14. Boss Martians I Am Your Radio
15. Modern Kicks Sick of the Radio
16. You Am 1 Radio Rumble
17. The Supahip With The Radio On
18. The Decibe1s Radio On
19. Bad Nerves Radio Punk
20. The Wi1dhearts Vanilla Radio
21. Bad Moves Local Radio
22. Ranc1d Radio
23. Papernut Cambridge Radio
24. Dave A11en & the E1astic Purejoy Talk Radio
25. © Radio
26. Mary Weiss Cry About The Radio


Saturday, February 27, 2021

Orphans 2020


A mix containing some of the bands and artists I neglected to get around to during the previous 12 months. Perhaps a tad more eclectic than my typical Faves mixes, but certainly nothing that's totally outside of the established wheelhouse.

 My Source Of Pleasure Is My Source Of Ruin

1. Juiceb0xxx Back in Your Car
2. Ratb0ys Anj
3. The Tummies Sweet Little Mistreater
4. Ten T0nnes Girl, Are You Lonely Like Me?
5. girl0ngirl Girls
6. The Leve1 Spirits Double Crosser
7. The Vibrat0rs Woman 3.2
8. Heart B0nes This Time It's Different
9. Bad Sex Sucker
10. Naked Giants Turns Blue
11. Mike Vio1a Drug Rug
12. 0ceanator A Crack in the World
13. Ginger Wi1dheart Yorvik (My Hood)
14. Successful Fai1ures More of the Same
15. Nick L0we A Quiet Place
16. Christian B1unda (It Sucks) Without You
17. The Lemon Dr0p Gang Georgie
18. Ken F0x & Knock Yourself Out Stranded (in the Heat)
19. He1aine & the Hurricanes I Will Never Ever Bleach My Hair Again
20. C1assic Ruins Forget About It
21. Co1d Years Life With a View
22. Emper0r Penguin Planet of Love
23. Trevor Be1d Jimenez Moment
24. Lucinda Wi11iams Down Past the Bottom