Sunday, April 18, 2021

Faves of 2021 (Vol. 1)

Gotta say, these first number of months in 2021 have renewed my hope that things are slowly finding a new normal out there. At least in terms of new music, there's been a wealth of awesome stuff to pick from. It almost allows me to forget that there's a threat of a 3rd wave, plus an array of variants coming down the pike. Almost. And honestly, I'm not sure if we should be forgetting. There's rebuilding to do, restructuring, rethinking... and so much lost that needs to be remembered. But, at least, for the length of time it takes to play 26 faves we can all escape into simple appreciation.

RIP Gerry-Jen Wilson

It's Hard To Get Up When You're Already Falling Down

1. Ryan A11en Get to the Gig
2. Rat Co1umns I Can't Live On Love 
3. Heartie Har Calling You Out
4. Reigning S0und A Little More Time
5. Bu11 Green
6. Made Vio1ent Two Tone Hair
7. Sam C0ffey & the 1ron Lungs She Knows
8. EUT What Gives You The Kicks
9. Sour 0ps Do You Wanna Be Like Them?
10. Ben Kwe11er Heart Attack Kid
11. P0ny By the Way
12. Friedberg Yeah
13. The Snutz Maybe California
14. The F1eshtones Face of the Screaming Werewolf
15. Death by Unga Bunga Egocentric
16. Suzi Quatr0 Motor City Riders
17. Tad 0verbaugh & the Kickbacks Goin' the Mile
18. T00 Much Joy Not Being You
19. B0ys With Perpetual Nerv0usness Can't You See
20. Peacers Alloyed Sheik
21. Nick Waterh0use Fugitive Lover
22. 01ivia Jean Punkette
23. The B1ips Inside Out
24. Kid Gu11iver Beauty School Dropout
25. B1ack Honey Summer '92
26. Bob Vy1an I Heard You Want Your Country Back

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Radio UHM

It's kind of amazing how many songs there are about the radio, considering nobody under 30 would know what one is. The entire concept seems more an outlet for manufactured geriatric outrage (in sports and politics) than a viable delivery system for new music - but then again I've been wholly ignorant of what's going on with satellite radio. Maybe there's more than one Little Steven's Underground Garage out there. Let me know if you've got suggestions for some of that old-fashioned retro dial tuning.

It's The Sound Without A Home Address

1. The Tearaways Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?
2. Superdrag Radio
3. Hunters Radio
4. Nude Beach Radio
5. F1ash Bastard Bastard Radio
6. The New Frustrations Radio Generation
7. Yukon B1onde Radio
8. Prope11er Turn On The Radio
9. Ex Hex Radio On
10. Bamboo Kids Radio Rebel
11. The Sharks Turn On The Radio
12. The Crunch Gangster Radio
13. Backstreet Gir1s Radio
14. Boss Martians I Am Your Radio
15. Modern Kicks Sick of the Radio
16. You Am 1 Radio Rumble
17. The Supahip With The Radio On
18. The Decibe1s Radio On
19. Bad Nerves Radio Punk
20. The Wi1dhearts Vanilla Radio
21. Bad Moves Local Radio
22. Ranc1d Radio
23. Papernut Cambridge Radio
24. Dave A11en & the E1astic Purejoy Talk Radio
25. © Radio
26. Mary Weiss Cry About The Radio


Saturday, February 27, 2021

Orphans 2020


A mix containing some of the bands and artists I neglected to get around to during the previous 12 months. Perhaps a tad more eclectic than my typical Faves mixes, but certainly nothing that's totally outside of the established wheelhouse.

 My Source Of Pleasure Is My Source Of Ruin

1. Juiceb0xxx Back in Your Car
2. Ratb0ys Anj
3. The Tummies Sweet Little Mistreater
4. Ten T0nnes Girl, Are You Lonely Like Me?
5. girl0ngirl Girls
6. The Leve1 Spirits Double Crosser
7. The Vibrat0rs Woman 3.2
8. Heart B0nes This Time It's Different
9. Bad Sex Sucker
10. Naked Giants Turns Blue
11. Mike Vio1a Drug Rug
12. 0ceanator A Crack in the World
13. Ginger Wi1dheart Yorvik (My Hood)
14. Successful Fai1ures More of the Same
15. Nick L0we A Quiet Place
16. Christian B1unda (It Sucks) Without You
17. The Lemon Dr0p Gang Georgie
18. Ken F0x & Knock Yourself Out Stranded (in the Heat)
19. He1aine & the Hurricanes I Will Never Ever Bleach My Hair Again
20. C1assic Ruins Forget About It
21. Co1d Years Life With a View
22. Emper0r Penguin Planet of Love
23. Trevor Be1d Jimenez Moment
24. Lucinda Wi11iams Down Past the Bottom

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Best of 2020


The Un-Herd Music Top 50 of 2020

1. Low Cut Connie Private Lives

Adam Weiner's hook-heavy mix of soul, R&B, rock & roll, & basically everything else under the sun is exactly the empathetic, good vibin' music the world needs right now - just hope we're not all too far gone to hear.

2. Dangereens Tough Luck

Montreal band with reckless disregard for speed limits, a pronounced fondness for old 'Mats reckids, and a batch of hook-ridden tunes w/ pounding piano + sax riding shotgun.  

3. Cornershop England Is A Garden

One of the most original bands from the 90s indie boom returns with their inimitable mix of 60s pop, garage rock, sitars, flutes, electronics and, I can only imagine, something borrowed from a far better future.




4. The Yum Yums For Those About To Pop!

If the Ramones had the harmonies of the Beach Boys or the Beach Boys had the drive of the Ramones... Such perfect summer music that it'll make you forget it isn't summer.





5. Mondo Cozmo New Medicine

Backed by members of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Josh Ostrander hooks into snatches of Lou Reed, hip hop, Jesus and Mary Chain, and singer/songwriter pop and still manages to knit it all into a cohesive whole.




6. Rookie Rookie

While so much modern power pop rests in the hands of those who view "The Long and Winding Road" as the epitome of rock & roll, Rookie allows a stomping beat and a few power chords to turbocharge the expected Beatles-esque hooks.




7. Nicole Atkins Italian Ice

Recorded at Muscle Shoals and backed by members of that same hallowed session band, this album sprawls comfortably into a relaxed soul groove. Also boasts help from Britt Daniel, My Morning Jacket, and some Bad Seeds... none of whom come close to eclipsing Atkins' powerful voice.



8. Foxy Shazam Burn

The return of Foxy Shazam was one of the few "good news" stories of this disastrous year, and even if it might not match the heights of The Church of Rock & Roll, it definitely gets them back on track to world domination. Give 'em time.





9. Daniel Romano How Ill Thy World Is Ordered

Romano released 10 albums in the year 2020, ranging in sound from his more typical country to indie rock to hardcore punk to a welcome re-imagining of an entire Dylan album, and what makes his feat of ambition somewhat miraculous is the sheer quality of songwriting. This one (and Dandelion) are perhaps the most eclectic of the bunch.

10. Bette Smith The Good, The Bad, and the Bette

With some help from Luther Dickinson and the Drive-by Truckers, Bette Smith dives into southern soul and traditional R&B while embracing the distortion and power of punk.



11. Wyldlife Year of the Snake
12. Algiers There Is No Year
13. Bad Moves Untenable
14. Faz Waltz Rebel Kicks
15. The Struts Strange Days
16. Thelonious Monster Oh That Monster
17. Dramarama Color TV
18. Richard Davies & the Dissidents Human Traffic
19. Suitesixteen Mine Would Be The Sun
20. Ice Cream Hands No Weapon But Love

21. Ryan Hamilton Nowhere To Go But Everywhere
22. Hinds The Prettiest Curse
23. Kurt Baker Combo After Party
24. Chuck Prophet The Land That Time Forgot
25. Billie Joe Armstrong No Fun Mondays
26. Lucinda Williams Good Souls Better Angels
27. The Devonns The Devonns
28. Jaded Hearts Club You've Always Been Here
29. Fantastic Negrito Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?
30. Lydia Loveless Daughter

31. Candy Opera The Patron Saint of Heartache
32. Mom Pleasure Island
33. Anti-Flag 20/20 Division
34. Exbats Kicks, Hits and Fits
35. Steve Kilbey Eleven Women
36. Ginger Wildheart Headzapoppin'
37. Brad Marino False Alarm
38. Green Day The Father of All Motherfuckers
39. Mike Viola Godmuffin
40. The Speedways Radio Sounds
41. Close Lobsters Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera in the Forest of Symbols
42. Ryan Allen Song Snacks Vol. 1
43. Advertisement American Advertisement
44. The Vapors Together
45. Supercrush SODO Pop
46. X Alphabetland
47. Sino Hearts Mandarin a Go-Go
48. Cocktails Catastrophic Entertainment
49. Psychotic Youth Forever and Never
50. Silver Sun Switzerland

1. Dangereens Microwave Boogie
2. Low Cut Connie Help Me
3. Rookie Hold On Tight
4. The Yum Yums Let's Worry About Tomorrow
5. Bad Moves Party With the Kids Who Wanna Party With You
6. Wyldlife Keeping Up With C.T.
7. Thelonious Monster Teenage Wasteland
8. Algiers Dispossession
9. Mondo Cozmo Black Cadillac
10. Bette Smith Song For a Friend
11. Foxy Shazam In My Mind
12. Anti-Flag 20/20 Vision
13. Suitesixteen The List
14. Mom I Want You To Feel What I Feel
15. Faz Waltz Got Me Goin'
16. Advertisement Pretty Money
17. Daniel Romano First Yoke
18. Ryan Hamilton & the Harlequin Ghosts Oh No
19. Nicole Atkins St. Dymphna
20. Dramarama Everyday
21. The Speedways Number 7
22. Candy Opera Crash
23. Hinds Riding Solo
24. Chuck Prophet Get Off The Stage

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Faves of 2020 (Vol. 3)

Well, as much as I'm tempted to say good riddance to 2020 - and it was a treacherous, raging dumpster fire of a year - I'm a tad worried that 2021 isn't going to be much of an improvement, so I'm just going to ignore the year that was and move forward into the murky future with the faint hope that we'll enter an era of empathy and societal improvement... And yes, I'm sneering at my pollyanaish sentiment along with you.

But we'll find hope. There's always hope (even if it's only the hope for hope). And there'll be a soundtrack to that hope - and this is where I can show some optimism, because the bands and the artists will be back. And they're gonna have a few things to say. And, somehow, they'll say it in approximately 3 minutes while delivering an irresistible hook or two. For proof, look no further than the following mix, which compiles 25 more artists who managed to make the year a little easier to take.

There's A Lot To Do And No Time To Do It 

1. 1ce Cream Hands No Weapon But Love
2. He1en Love Debbie Take Control of the Stereo
3. R0mer0 Troublemaker
4. Sin0 Hearts A Way Or Another
5. Curt Baker Used to Think
6. The1onious Monster Falling Behind
7. Steve Winn California Style
8. Exbats You Don't Get It (You Don't Got It)
9. Terra Lightf00t One High Note
10. High Waisted Easy As It Comes
11. The N1neteens Drugs and Alcohol
12. The C0untry Westerns It's On Me
13. Ind0nesian Junk Type of a Girl
14. Supercrush Grace
15. Baby Shakes Sweet 'n' Sour Pt. 2
16. Hammered Sat1n Jukebox
17. The Flytraps Baby's a Freak
18. Bad Nerves Palace
19. Jerry Lehane Runaway with You
20. Radi0 Days I Got a Love
21. H00d00 Gurus Get Out of Dodge
22. K1mmy Drake I'm The Fun
23. 1mani Coppo1a In This Together
24. The Struts Burn It Down
25. Yuk0n Bl0nde Fuck It

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Un-Herd Christmask 2020

Well, not much to say about this compilation, as it's as self-explanatory as a mix can get. By all rights, this one should have included Mud's "Lonely This Christmas," but I burned that one on a previous mix. Anyway, stay safe and stay sane out there, folks. These dark days will give way to sunlight eventually.

I'd Never Steal From Santa Cuz That Ain't Right

1. Cat P0wer Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas
2. Lisa Mycho1s Listen to the Bells Ring
3. CJ Ram0ne Father Xmas
4. Timmy Sean Merry Xmas Baby
5. JD McPhers0n What's That Sound
6. Por1o1o Xmas in Hollis
7. R0nnie Spector Best Xmas Ever
8. Jas0n Berk I Like Xmas
9. Robbie Wi11iams Can't Stop Xmas Time
10. The Do11yrots Xmas (Baby Please Come Home)
11. Jet Back Door Santa
12. Prima D0nna Gimme Xmas
13. The Br0thers Steve I Love the Xmastime!
14. R0cket From the Crypt Cancel Xmas
15. Supersuckers We'll Call It Xmastime
16. The Vanda1s My First Xmas (As a Woman)
17. The Cribs Xmas (All Year Long)
18. Dude Y0rk My Favorite Part (of This Time of Year)
19. Best C0ast Little Saint Nick
20. Nick Piunti Xmas Morning
21. Pau1 Ke11y How To Make Gravy
22. Ro11ing Stones Winter


Saturday, December 5, 2020

Covers Project Vol. 19


I don't know if I can keep this promise, but I'm planning to post at least a couple of mixes before the holidays. It'll act as a sort of low-key apology to any and all blog followers frustrated by my dearth of posting over this past year. I even have a hastily compiled Faves mix almost at the ready.

The first of them is yet another entry in the Covers Project series. This one extends past the usual 70s-heavy sources and dares enter the new(-ish) millennium for a couple of tunes. All songs, you may or may not be relieved to know, still remain singalong certified. 

And a quick thanks to everybody out there who's still hanging on - and not just in regards to this blog, but throughout this whole 2020 shitshow. 

My Wig's All Pooped

1. Bi11y Joe Armstrong That's Rock 'n' Roll (Eric Carmen)
2. Cheep Trick Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon)
3. White Reeper Walk Idiot Walk (The Hives)
4. Chris Rogers & the Dirty Gems Lido Shuffle (Boz Scaggs)
5. Sharon Jones Just Dropped In (Kenny Rogers)
6. Die Toten H0sen She's Sure The Girl I Love (The Fortunes)
7. The Do11yrots Do You Love Me (The Contours)
8. Giuda Saturday Night's Alright (Elton John)
9. Driveby Truckers The KKK Took My Baby Away (Ramones)
10. Smash Fashi0n Does Your Mother Know (Abba)
11. The Neighbors Rock'n Me (Steve Miller Band)
12. Jaded Hearts C1ub Have Love Will Travel (The Sonics)
13. The B0bby Lees Blank Generation (Richard Hell)
14. Pixxies Mambo Sun (T.Rex)
15. Nina Metal Guru (T.Rex)
16. Co11een Green On My Mind (Damone)
17. Chris Farrren I'm On Standby (Grandaddy)
18. Gi1by C1arke Happiness is a Warm Gun (Beat1es)
19. Graham Parker One Guitar (Willie Nile)
20. Psych0tic Youth Cynical Girl (Marshall Crenshaw)
21. T0mmy & the Rockets You Don't Know What You've Got (Joan Jett)
22. Josie C0tton Sheena is a Punk Rocker (Ramones)
23. The Yum Yums Rush Hour (Jane Wiedlin)
24. The Ratchets Rock and Roll (Velvet Underground)