Sunday, October 4, 2020

Faves of 2020 (Vol. 2)


I can't quite tell if it's the (longstanding) mood I've been in or if Covid has seriously diminished the amount of music released, but I've been having a rough time finding enough new music that I can put on a faves mix that I can honestly call a fave. I have to imagine it's a combination of the two - and that the two are separate sides of the same coin. Normally I'd be posting a Volume 3 of my faves by this date, and here we are staring Halloween in the face and I've just got around to Volume 2.

This is not to denigrate the tunes I have collected, all of which are typically shining examples of awesomeness, awesomosity, and antidisawesomelessness. It's particularly heartening to see some of old UHM faves returning from their exiles, and with any luck their reappearance points the way towards a return to something like (or better than) normal.

RIP Mssrs. Lure, Penniman, Prine, and Hibbert.

Some Things Just Weren't Meant To Last

1. F0xy Shazam Burn
2. Magic Gang Just a Minute
3. Ryan Hami1ton Jesus & John Lennon
4. Lydia Love1ess Love is Not Enough
5. Richard Davies & the Dissidents (Long Road) to Your Heart
6. The B0bby Lees Coin
7. Faz Wa1tz Rock 'n' Roll is Tough
8. Ren0 Bo Baby Blues
9. A1giers Unoccupied
10. Fantastic Negrit0 Chocolate Samurai
11. Daniel Roman0 Green Eye Shade
12. Bad M0ves Cape Henlopen
13. The Yum Yums First Move
14. Heap You Remind Me Of Me
15. Cocktai1s Janeland
16. M0m Don't Leave With My Heart
17. The Szuters Baby Don't You Be So Blue
18. Bette Smith I Felt It Too
19. The Dev0nns Tell Me
20. The F0x Sisters Listen To Your Sisters
21. Mondo C0zmo Upside Down
22. The Sharks 6teen Razors
23. Hote1 Mira Perfectionism
24. Tuk Smith Lookin' For Love, Ready For War

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Somewhere There's a Place For Us

I'm just finalizing a new Faves mix, so in the meantime this town/country themed compilation will have to suffice. 

When I started this comp I figured I'd quickly find multiple volumes of possible tracks, but I barely made it to 30. There's got to be tons my memory has failed to uncover. Suggestions in the comments, as always, will be welcome. Only rule was it had to be a real place, so "Suffragette City" (for example) doesn't count.

Somewhere There's a Place For Us

1. Juni0r Panthers California 
2. Mobina Ga1ore Vancouver
3. Grapes of Wrath Mexico
4. Len Price 3 Amsterdam
5. The F1eshtones New York City
6. Phon0graph California
7. The Char1ie Watts Riots Omaha
8. Nick Danger and the DCR Cincinatti
9. F0xygen San Francisco
10. The Push Kings Florida
11. Deadstring Bros. Houston
12. The P0sies Ontario
13. The Shil0hs Carolina
14. The B0th Milwaukee
15. Reck1ess Ke11y Vancouver
16. The Push Stars Minnesota
17. The Lape11es Toronto
18. The Y0ung Canadians Hawaii
19. Rancd Olympia Wa
20. The Paybacks Hollywood
21. The Lo1as New Orleans
22. Jeff Buck1ey Vancouver
23. L0w Cut Connie Montreal
24. Shove1s & Rope Birmingham


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Summer 2020

You may notice that these seasonal mixes tend to follow my specific moods rather than a singular style of music (although I've been told, more than once, that everything I listen to "sounds the same"). Be that as it may, this summer I'm not exactly feeling light-hearted - you don't need me to remind you of all the reasons why - but I am feeling a fair amount of gratitude and hope at the same time. This mix hits that very same juncture: a little melancholy, but blissfully so. At least, that's the way I hear it.  Recommendations for use: sunshine, cocktail, apply generously. And melt.

Where Are Those Happy Days; They Seem So Hard To Find

1. Haze1 Eng1ish Combat
2. R00kie Sunglasses
3. Hinds Burn
4. Dwayne Gretzky S.0.S.
5. Co11eens Maybe We'll Fall In Love
6. Maddy Jane Something Old and Something New
7. C0rnershop Slingshot
8. Sp0rts Team Long Hot Summer
9. Suzy y Los Quattro On Top of the World
10. Litt1e Jackie The World Should Revolve Around Me
11. Asa Until We Try (This Lo')
12. 0range Juice Rip It Up (12" single version)
13. The Dip Adeline
14. Nick L0we Here Comes That Feeling
15. Flo & Eddie Prisoner of Love
16. F1udd Cousin Mary
17. Char1ie Faye and the Fayettes You Gotta Give It Up
18. The Yum Yums Summertime Pop
19. The Dates Summer Girl
20. Pure X Hollywood
21. White Horses Mr. Natural
22. M0ndo C0zmo Cigarette (Age of Innocence)

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Faves of 2020 (Vol. 1)

I generally try to keep my political views away from this blog. Obviously, some of it will creep in, usually hidden among the assembled track lists. And I'm (probably) going to maintain that stance in the future... but in this moment in time I'm going to go on record and say I've been impressed and heartened by the overwhelming world response to systemic injustice. It's been a motherfucker of a year, but there may be hope yet. In the meantime, stay safe, everybody - and now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Life is Strange and You Do What You Gotta Do Just to Survive

1. C1ose Lobsters All Compasses Go Wild
2. Speedwayz Kisses Are History
3. The Vap0rs Crazy
4. Dangereens Worried Mind
5. Ref1ectors Teenage Heart
6. Duncan Reid & the Big Heads Motherfucker
7. R00kie I Can't Have You But I Want You
8. C0rnershop No Rock Save in Roll
9. Nico1e Atkins Domino
10. Twin Peeks Cawfee
11. Wy1dlife Crime of the Scene
12. Hay1ey & the Crushers Jacaranda
13. X Water and Wine
14. Green Day Stab You In The Heart
15. B1ack Lips Angola Rodeo
16. Kid Gu11iver Susie Survived Chemo
17. Si1ver Sun Over Me At All?
18. Music Band You Can't (Make Someone Love You)
19. Answering Machine Bad Luck
20. Wi11ie Nile New York is Rockin'
21. Brad Marin0 False Alarm
22. Brett Newski Do It Again
23. L0w Cut C0nnie Private Lives
24. Chuck Pr0phet High as Johnny Thunders

Monday, May 25, 2020

Covers Project Vol. 18

Well, we're here again. Time for another covers mix. This one occasionally extends its reach into something like the modern era rather than simply poaching AM gold from the 70s... not that I'm swearing off anything of the sort (I mean, that's my wheelhouse, man) because of the 25 songs almost half of them come from that very decade... and a couple from the decade previous. Y'know what? Maybe ignore everything I just wrote and just enjoy the mix.

God, It's Such a Drag When You Live in the Past

1. Krissie Hynde w/ Steve J0nes Do I Love You (The Ronettes)
2. The Speedways Love Really Hurts Without You (Billy Ocean)
3. Jerry Lardieri Even The Losers (Tom Petty)
4. C0rb Lund It's Still Rock 'n' Roll to Me (Billy Joel)
5. Brad Marin0 What's My Scene (Hoodoo Gurus)
6. The Dirty Ni1 September Gurls (Big Star)
7. Phi1 Seymour Now (The Plimsouls)
8. Redd Kr0ss Puss 'n Boots (New York Dolls)
9. Miss Chain & the Broken Hee1s Be With Me (The Yum Yums)
10. The Ratchets 2-4-6-8 Motorway (Tom Robinson Band)
11. Eag1es of Death Meta1 Just Dropped In (The First Edition)
12. Curt Baker C0mbo So Lonely (The Radio)
13. L7 Fake Friends (Joan Jett)
14. Sweet Spirit Paper Tigers (Spoon)
15. Lucy Dacus Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen)
16. Peawees Alone Again Or (Love)
17. Whyte H0rses Ça Plane Pour Moi (Plastic Bertrand)
18. The Struts Ballroom Blitz (Sweet)
19. Dwayne Gretzky Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys)
20. The Cherry Dr0ps Tiger Feet (Mud)
21. The Y00hoos Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order)
22. Rave0nettes The Kids Are Alright (The Who)
23. C0rnershop Sugar Sugar (The Archies)
24. Ian McNabb Time Ain't Nothing (Green on Red)
25. Yo1a Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)

Monday, April 6, 2020

Hello, My Name Is Mix (vol. 8)

Another concoction to tide us all over while self-isolating. The theme of these mixes is pretty self-explanatory, so I won't belabor the point. Although, I will note that I'm continually surprised (and delighted) that so many of these name titles exist out there. Keep 'em coming!

We're Not Where We Belong

1. The J0nes Sid Vicious
2. Richard Turge0n Keanu Reeves
3. Jeremy Messersmith Jim Bakker
4. Jagger Ho11y Bree Olson
5. The Get Up Kids Lou Barlow
6. Sunshine B0ys John Cage
7. A1ex Lahey Wes Anderson
8. A1ex Cameron Marlon Brando
9. The Snuts Fatboy Slim
10. Ve1vet Negroni Kurt Kobain
11. L0wer Dens Buster Keaton
12. The Suite16 Bob Greene
13. The Mowg1i's Norman Rockwell
14. The Pride of Erie, PA Betty Draper
15. N0 Win Shelly Duvall
16. Bandit Queen Frida Kahlo
17. C1are Maguire Elizabeth Taylor
18. Drivin N Cryin Ian Mclagan
19. B0b Segarini Groucho Marx
20. The Stars Exp1ode Matthew Sweet
21. Simon Love Joey Ramone
22. The Gumbys Linda Blair

Saturday, March 21, 2020

What Kind of Rock 'n' Roll is This?

While we're all social distancing and self-isolating, here's a hastily prepared theme mix that might make your next 74 minutes a little more tolerable. Stay safe out there, people.

What Kind of Rock 'n' Roll is This?

1. Crybabys What Kind of Rock 'n' Roll
2. The Ravyns Rock 'n' Roll Bitches
3. Kimber1y Rew Rock 'n' Roll Summer
4. Fancey Rock 'n' Roll Rhythm
5. Cha11enger 7 Rock 'n' Roll Sound
6. Pa1e Lips Rock 'n' Roll Dipshit
7. Intercontinenta1 P1ayboys Rock 'n' Roll Johnny
8. Creem Circus Rock 'n' Roll Stew
9. Biters Rock 'n' Roll Loser
10. Jordy Birch Rock 'n' Roll Karma
11. Ju1iette Seizure & the Tremor Do11s Rock 'n' Roll Babe
12. Sour Jazz Rock 'n' Roll Star
13. The D4 Rock 'n' Roll Motherfucker
14. S'coo1 Gir1s Rock 'n' Roll Discotek
15. The Vibrators Rock 'n' Roll Rescue
16. Ken Sharp Rock 'n' Roll Supershow
17. Caro1ine & the Treats Rock 'n' Roll Love Affair
18. Si1ver Sun Rock 'n' Roll Widow
19. The Yum Yums Rock 'n' Roll Tonight
20. St0neage Hearts Rock 'n' Roll Boys Rock 'n' Roll Girls
21. Barrence Whitfie1d & the Savages Rock 'n' Roll Baby
22. Wi11ie Ni1e Rock 'n' Roll Sister
23. Patsy's Rats Rock 'n' Roll Friend
24. The Cinders Rock 'n' Roll Tramp