Sunday, July 30, 2023

Faves of 2023 Vol. 2

It seems as soon as I open my mouth about the impending end of rock 'n' roll or the rock era (or some other such nomenclature denoting the narrow purview of whats-I-likes 'n' whats-I-don'ts), the artists themselves show up in droves to prove either my point is wrong or my timing sucks. This mix is a case in point. It's filled with some of the best songs I've heard in ages. I've been road testing it in my car for the last couple weeks and noticed a couple things: a) every song rewards multiple listens, and b) keep an eye on your speedometer because a few of these tunes just plain don't respect reasonable speed limits. Anyway, if this is the reaction to my rockaroll doomsaying, I'll have to keep on bitching. In the nonce, I hope y'all are enjoying the summer!

A Calculated Strategy or an Underwhelming Prayer

1. L0w Cut C0nnie Are You Gonna Run?
2. Is1and of Love Losing Streak
3. Sing1e Mothers Sad Dumb Game
4. A1ex Lahey Shit Talkin'
5. Boy Go1den Hard Headed
6. Samantha Fish No Apology
7. Jim J0nes A11 Stars I Want You (Any Way I Can)
8. The Weirdo11s Reputation
9. The Pear1 Harts Coming Down
10. Belleville Something Good
11. Hearts Apart Still Burn
12. S1ander Tongue Huntin'
13. GracieH0rse Hollow Head
14. J0an Jett If You're Blue
15. Babagan0uj Stay Up For Me
16. Dear Tick Disgrace
17. Durand J0nes Sadie
18. The Vices At Least That's What They're Saying
19. 01ivia Jean Too Late
20. Brix Smith Valley Girl
21. RVG Midnight Sun
22. Ryan Hami1ton Haunted by the Holy Ghost
23. 10 Tonnes Monday Morning
24. Jim B0b Thanks For Reaching Out


Monday, July 3, 2023

Summer 2023

Just noticed there's been a rash of older links blocked due to copyright issues, which is fair enough - I just wish the offended parties made themselves known so I could simply delete their track and switch it out for an artist that sees the value in this sort of low-rent, low-grade, low stakes promotion. Oh well... this blog's been trundling along for 15 years now, so it's been a pretty good run. You may want to snag this Summer mix quickly though. 

 Summer Bruises, No More Excuses

1. CVC Anogo 
2. G0rd D0wnie & B0b R0ck Lustre Parfait
3. Durand J0nes See It Through 
4. Yum Yums Crush On You
5. Sp00n Wild (Moon Mix)
6. Jenny Lew!s Cherry Baby
7. Michae1 Head Broken Beauty
8. DN3 Hold On
9. Uptown Sinc1air Whatever U Want
10. The Redwa11s You'll Never Know
11. Izzy Strad1in Shuffle It All
12. Sticky Fingers Fortunes, Seasides & Girls
13. Summer Sa1t Macaroon
14. G1adie Hit The Ground Running
15. Surf Curse Sugar
16. Ben Kwe11er I Gotta Move
17. King Tuff Tell Me
18. Drramarama Everyday
19. Rave0nettes Get Lost
20. Spacey Jayne Sorry Instead
21. Ceramic Anima1 Sweet Unknown
22. The Ye1ins Everything The Sun

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Not That Kind Of Girl (Vol. 2)

A companion volume to the Not That Kind Of Girl mix from 2016, which itself was a follow-up to 2015's original All Kindsa Girls mix. No need to elaborate on the theme. Only change this time out is I tried to avoid the usual suspects (ie: My Best Friend's Girl, American Girl, China Girl, Hollaback Girl, Material Girl, Rich Girl, etc.), although I can easily imagine any or all of those appearing on the next volume.

Shine On Little Baby, You're Too Good For This World

1. Secret P0wers Not My Kind of Girl
2. Te1ephone Lovers Downtown Girl
3. Budokan The Right On Girl
4. The Sick R0se Pathetic Girl
5. Mad Ro11ers Ukraine Girl
6. Cheap Star Flower Girl
7. Minky Starshine Miss American Girl
8. Diam0nd Dogs Small Town Girl
9. Butch Wa1ker East Coast Girl
10. M0m Ordinary Girl
11. S1ick! Telefone Tuff Girl
12. J0e Strummer Coma Girl
13. The Matt1ess Boys Romanian Girl
14. The Mayf1owers Sunflower Girl
15. The Dirtb0mbs Sunshine Girl
16. The Star Spang1es Tear It To Pieces Girl
17. Turb0 Fruits Favorite Girl
18. The N0mads Demolition Girl (Saints cover)
19. Bad Sp0rts Hypothetical Girl
20. Sugar Sugaar Hampton's Girl
21. Laurie Biagini Gold Plated Girl
22. Bubb1egum Lemonade Cool Guitar Girl
23. LA Exes Cocaine Girl
24. Reigning S0und North Cackalacky Girl
25. Si1ver Sun Original Girl
26. Dangereens (Bye By) Little Uptown Girl


Saturday, May 6, 2023

Covers Project Vol. 21

 So Dig This Big Crux

1. B1ack Cr0wes Rocks Off (Rolling Stones)
2. Superchunk Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing (Minutemen)
3. Dirty F1ix Back of My Hand (The Jags)
4. J0nathan Pushcar The Kid's Are Alright (The Who)
5. Chip Z'nuff Honaloochie Boogie (Mott the Hoople)
6. E1ectric 6 No More Mr. Nice Guy (Alice Cooper)
7. Die T0ten H0sen Getting Beaten Up (The Piranhas)
8. Miss Ge0rgia Peach River Deep Mountain High (Ike & Tina)
9. Ryan Hami1ton Banditos (The Refreshments)
10. Eddie & the H0t R0ds Once Bitten Twice Shy (Ian Hunter)
11. Neur0tic 0utsiders Janie Jones (The Clash)
12. The Linda Lindas Tonite (The Go-Gos)
13. The Bittersweets Story of Love (The Saints)
14. Cheap Trick Money (Barrett Strong)
15. Green Day Dreaming (Blondie)
16. M0m Tracks of My Tears (Smokey Robinson)
17. JD McPhers0n Manta Ray (Pixies)
18. Hay1ey Mary Can't Stand Me Now (The Libertines)
19. Streetwalkin' Cheetahs Know Your Product (The Saints)
20. 01ivia Jean Orinoco Flow (Enya)
21. Sunny War Baby Bitch (Ween)
22. Coo1 Jerks You Really Got a Hold on Me (Smokey Robinson)
23. The Dip Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
24. Easy Star A11 Stars Rock n' Roll Suicide (Bowie)
25. Sp00n I Can't Give Everything Away (Bowie)

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Faves of 2023 Vol.1

Y'know, I was gearing up for a rant about the sheer idiocy of burning books, Beatles records, and/or Bud Light cases, but I think I'll instead continue with my original policy of keeping politics buried in the subtext of this blog. Besides, the featured pic, with its questionable grasp of grammar and syntax, succinctly sums up everything I have to say about pretty much everything... and I don't see the upside to belaboring the essential point.  

It Ain't Hard to See What the Fuck is Happening

1. The Men Hard Livin'
2. Crocodi1es Upside Down in Heaven
3. Eye1ids Swinging in the Circus
4. B1ack Star Riders Better Than Saturday Night
5. The Reyt0ns Cash In Hand and Fake IDs
6. Nude Party Hard Times (All Around)
7. Grade Two Fast Pace
8. Mark Busat0 Sunken Ships
9. Sunny War No Reason
10. Spacey Jane Sitting Up
11. Arxx Baby Uh Huh 
12. Bass Drum 0f Death Keys to the City
13. Ron Ga11o San Benedetto
14. Lucer0 One Last FU
15. Trench D0gs Georgian Red
16. White Reeper Fog Machine
17. Frankie R0se Anything
18. The No 0nes Throwdown in Whispertown
20. B1ues Lawyer Salary
21. Sun R00m Cadillac
22. Daddy L0ng Legs Nightmare
23. Gh0st W0man End of a Gun
24. F0xy Shazam I Can Change For You


Saturday, March 4, 2023

Orphans 2022


Some time next year I'll no doubt discover an absolute gem that I frustratingly managed to never hear (suggestions always welcome, btw), but for now 2022 is pretty much wrapped with this mix. Over all, a good year - although I'm definitely seeing hints that the rock era could be drawing to a close. That might be complete hogwash of course; after all, some pinched-faced conservative moralists claimed rock was dead back in 1958 - and I don't want to align myself with any of those sorts of knobs. Maybe I'll just shut up, clutch on to the words of Oscar Wilde ("reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated"), and continue onward as if change and entropy aren't a feature of this life. Seems as good a plan as any.

Walking Forward, Looking Back

1. T. Rexic0 Oh Yeah
2. Jay A11en & the Arch Criminals Be Mine Tonight
3. R0mero Crossing Lines
4. The Che1sea Curve Jamie C'mon
5. Karma Gambit Cable Knit Sweater
6. Maura & the Bright Lights Perfect Girl
7. The De1ta Riggs The Real Electric
8. JD McPhers0n Just Around the Corner
9. Kevin Stevens0n Brand New Day
10. Titus Andr0nicus Give Me Grief
11. P0inted Sticks Anywhere
12. Emper0r Penguin A Gun and a Badge
13. The Pinx Dust to Diamonds
14. Dr0pper Waste of Time
15. Stars Like 0urs Radio
16. Spark1ehorse It Will Never Stop
17. B1usterfields Too Obvious
18. T00 Much Joy What Pricks We Were
19. The Hooten Ho11ers Back in Business Again
20. Butch Wa1ker Tell Me I'm Pretty (Methamphetamine Pt. 2)
21. Big J0anie In My Arms
22. Jeremy & the Har1equins One Shot (of Rock & Roll)

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Best of 2022

 The Un-Herd Music Top 50 of 2022

1. The Jazz Butcher The Highest In The Land

Like Bowie's "Blackstar" this is an intimate last release by an artist ruminating on his impending mortality. The main difference being that Pat Fish makes you sing along as he breaks your heart.


2. Fuzzbubble Cult Stars From Mars 

As far as I can tell, it took 20 years for the band to follow their debut and, incredibly, this infectious collection of Lennon-esque vocals & Cheap Trickian power chords may have been worth the wait.

3. Sweet Things Brown Leather

Opening up their Stonesy sound with ballads, slide guitar, and a hint of country/southern rock only makes it more Stonesy - but this is the mean cold-blooded late 60s Stones, so just know that any stray yayas in yer system are about to get out.

4. Blackbirds FC Magiclands
It's hard to imagine anyone improving on the mellow melodic heights of the Go-Betweens, but this Melbourne band may have done just that. Impossible to resist.
5. The Rubs (dust)
One man band Joey Rubbish delivers so many hooks in these 11 songs you'd be excused for assuming it's a best-of collection. Hints of 80s synth pop, 00s garage, Kinks, Beatles, Thin Lizzy without ever sounding like anything other than the Rubs.
6. Gold Star Headlights U.S.A. (pts I & II)
Low key indie pop perfection with a deep & lasting atmosphere of melancholy. Somehow immediately pleasing while also a grower.
7. Spoon Lucifer On The Sofa
At this point it's doubtful a new Spoon album will take anyone by surprise, unless the surprise lies in the recognition that Britt Daniel & co. somehow just keep getting better.

8. Starcrawler She Said
Part of what's been so fun through this band's first 3 albums is the impending sense of a monstrous wave about to break. You can feel they're gonna be deservedly huge, you just don't know when. The time should be right about now. 
9. Simon Love Love, Sex & Death Etc

Melodic, witty, and a little foul-mouthed, Simon Love is single-handedly saving power pop from the wimpy jangle hordes. If there was any justice in the world (there isn't) he'd already be some kinda star.
10. Ceramic Animal Sweet Unknown
Dan Auerbach produced Pennsylvania band has a knack for matching vocal melody with an ear worm guitar hook. Nothing overly flashy, but satisfying in the extreme.

11. The Lings The Lings
12. Extra Arms What Is Even Happening Right Now?
13. The Sparklers Miss Philadelphia
14. Dot Dash Madman in the Rain
15. Young Guv III
16. Gyasi Pronounced Jah-See
17. Uni Boys Do It All Next Week
18. Foxy Shazam The Heart Behead You
19. The Hoodoo Gurus Chariot of the Gods
20. The 1990s Nude Restaurant

21. Diamond Dogs Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous
22. Popular Creeps All of This Will End In Tears
23. Interrupters In The Wild
24. 2nd Grade Easy Listening
25. Surf Curse Magic Hour
26. Faz Waltz On The Ball
27. The Handcuffs Burn The Rails
28. Diane Coffee With People
29. Sour Ops Deep Fake
30. Gasoline The Orange Album

31. Fantastic Negrito White Jesus Black Problems
32. Kevin Stevenson Reality Alley
33. The Dip Sticking With It
34. Emperor Penguin Sunday Carvery
35. Too Much Joy All These Fucking Feelings
36. Banditos Right On
37. Cheap Star Wish I Could See
38. Tuk Smith & the Restless Hearts Ballad of a Misspent Youth
39. Mattiel Georgia Gothic
40. House of Love A State of Grace

41. Sino Hearts Lightening the Darkness
42. Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club Please Stand By
43. Cheap Cassettes Ever Since Ever Since
44. Pink Mountaintops Peacock Pools
45. Nicky Egan This Life
46. Gladie Don't Know What You're In Until You're Out
47. The Chelsea Curve All The Things
48. No. 2 First Love
49. Triptides So Many Days
50. The Speedways Talk of the Town

1. B1ackbirds FC Magiclands
2. The Spark1ers Our Beloved Grudges
3. The Rubs Hang On To Me
4. Diane C0ffee Bullied
5. Surf Curse Little Rock 'n' Roller
6. Fuzzbubb1e Dragonfly Pt. II
7. Extra Arms Feeling Alright
8. Faz Wa1tz Love Time Bomb
9. Sweet Things Cold Feet
10. Interrupters Jailbird
11. F0xy Shazam Dancing With My Demons
12. Y0ung Guv Good Time
13. Uni B0ys On Your Lovin' Mind
14. Sour 0ps Deep Fake
15. H00doo Gurus Equinox
16. Popu1ar Creeps Black & Blue
17. D0t Dash Space Junk, Satellites
18. The Lings Little Josie
19. Go1d Star Shivers
20. Gyasi Feed Your Face
21. 2nd Grade Teenage Overpopulation
22. Diam0nd Dogs Rocked,Wrecked, Robbed & Ruined
23. Simon L0ve I Will Dance
24. Ceramic Anima1 Long Day
25. Jazz Butcher Never Give Up