Friday, March 22, 2013

2012 Orphan Mix

Too much of a good thing, y'all. Sometimes there's just too much goodness for a single sitting. 2012 was like that for music, so I figured I'd make a mix of all the great stuff I didn't get around to including last year. This mix may seem a tad schizo, eclectically darting around between a late night vibe, some cool R&B grooves, and upbeat power pop, but overall it finds a mood all its own.

I've included a couple songs from 2013  (James Hunter Six and Lady, both of which are orphaned from the upcoming first volume of Faves of 2013) and, randomly, one from 2004 ("Satisfied Fool" by the awesome Nathaniel Mayer, which is included simply because I've been obsessing over it recently). Everything else is 2012 and deserving of ears and money.

And a note of thanks to Mr. Rick Laferriere, who turned me on to a whole swack of great stuff (most notably the band Games and, specifically to this mix, Chains of Love and the Deer Tick track).

Chow down.

I Could Open Up A Bakery

1. Lady Tell The Truth
2. Mark Crozer & the Rels Put Those 80s Records On
3. Chains of Love In Between
4. Low Cut Connie Boozophilia
5. Beth Hart Swing My Thing Back Around
6. Sean Hayes Bam Bam
7. Electric Guest The Bait
8. Kelly Hogan Pass On By
9. Miss Li You Could Have It (So Much Better Without Me)
10. Amy Stroup & Trent Dabbs I Think I Said Too Much
11. Successful Failures Mickey Mantle's Knees
12. Alexandra Starlight Without My Sunshine
13. James Hunter Six Look Out
14. Eli Paperboy Reed w/ the Pepperpots There Ain't No Man That Can't Be Caught
15. Deer Tick Born at Zero
16. Nathaniel Mayer Satisfied Fool
17. Night Moves Colored Emotions
18. Two Wounded Birds I'm No Saviour
19. The Jazz Butcher Shame About You
20. The Heavy Curse Me Good