Saturday, March 28, 2015

All Kindsa Girls

A theme mix that doesn't need any explanation. It takes all kinds, and thank our lucky stars for all of  'em.

I Kinda Like The Way You Dress

1. The Rea1 Kids All Kindsa Girls
2. Cheap Trick Southern Girls
3. Big Star September Gurls
4. The Cute Lepers Berlin Girls
5. Cudzoo & the Fagettes New York Girls
6. The B1ack and Whites Multiple Girls
7. Guided by Voices Glad Girls
8. The Do11yrots Punk Rock Girls
9. Chixdiggit Good Girls
10. Diarrhea P1anet Platinum Girls
11. The Backs1iders Fat Girls
12. The Nuc1ears Suburban Gurls
13. The Shivers American Girls
14. The ACBs Italian Girls
15. The Cinders Deutscher Girls
16. Richmond S1uts City Girls
17. Bare Wires Television Girls
18. The Scruffs Frozen Girls
19. Graham Parker & the Rumour Local Girls
20. The 1nsomniacs Sunshine Girls
21. Kurt Bayker Weekend Girls
22. The Heats Sorry Girls
23. The Crybabys European Girls
24. 1an Hunter's Dirty Laundry Good Girls
25. Shimmering Stars East Van Girls