Sunday, May 12, 2019

Faves of 2019 (Vol. 1)

Here we go again. The first faves mix of the new year. I'll admit it took a little longer to compile than I would have preferred - almost a full five months of searching - but this kind of quality isn't easily found (these days). That said, I feel I should put in a word for all the bands and artists that continue to raise the level of modern music - and that word is "thanks." I know it's a tough gig, and that no one wants to pay for anything anymore, but - if it helps - each one of these songs makes this timeline a slightly better place to exist than it would be otherwise. And this timeline needs all the help it can get. Dig in. If you find something you like or love, the album title is in the info.

I Got A Hot Air Balloon In A Rocket Ship Race

1. Reece McHenry Detroit
2. Attic Lights Louis
3. Ten T0nnes Better Than Me
4. Litt1e Steven & the Discip1es of Sou1 Soul Power Twist
5. Indiano1a How Did I Get So Rock 'n' Roll
6. Ex Hex Radiate
7. Pa1e Lips You're a Doll
8. Terry & Louie Rebel Ways
9. The Wi1dhearts Fine Art of Deception
10. Spira1 Stairs Hyp-No-Tized
11. 0utside Voices Bourbon in Bed
12. The Wi1d Reeds Moving Target
13. Reigning S0und Can't Hold On
14. Deer Tick Hey! Yeah!
15. L0ng Ryders Greenville
16. Crocodi1es Wait Until Tomorrow
17. Nick Waterh0use Wherever She Goes (She Is Wanted)
18. Ho1y Mo1y & the Crackers Can't Get Enough
19. The Dip She Gave Me The Keys
20. Char1ie Faye & the Fayettes The Whole Shebang
21. Nata1ie Sweet I Don't Want to Need You (Tonight)
22. Pat T0dd & the Rank0utsiders You Made a Hit
23. Brad Marin0 C'mon C'mon C'mon
24. F0xygen Livin' a Lie