Sunday, May 10, 2015

Faves of 2015 (Vol. 1)

Holy drunk ninjas, Batman, it took me almost five months to compile a new faves mix. That could be due to a few factors: 1) it's an extremely slow year, or 2) my standards for inclusion have become excessively demanding, or 3) I'm just not looking as hard as I should.

Whatever the reason, I hope the wait was worth it. And speaking of waiting... Can you believe how absolutely awesome the new Sonics album is? It's a full 49 years since their previous release. Mull on that for a second. Forty-nine years. Half a century. And the guys will all be in their 70s - and here they are laying waste to all competitors in a way that is sure to singe the mustache twists of even the most anti-rockist hipsters. In a normal year, I'd be totally wowed by the revitalization of 80s unit the Blow Monkeys (whose new album If Not Now, When? is excellent, embracing both 50s rock & roll and T.Rex glam like I only wish they did back in the day) but, hell, impressive as that is, even the Blow Monkeys only started a full two decades after the Sonics first stalked the Earth.

So, yeah, I guess we can say that sometimes the wait is worthwhile.

Turned On The Radio And I Heard Your Song

1. Bidiniband Ladies of Montrea1
2. Low Cut Connie Diane (Don't Point That Thing At Me)
3. Dot Dash Rainc1ouds
4. Biters Reck1ess Hearts
5. Kitty, Daizy, & Lewis Whenever You See Me
6. Jesse Ma1in Oh Sheena
7. Turbo Fruits Don't Let Me Break Your Heart Again
8. The Sonix Sugaree
9. Gateway Drugs Fridays Are For Suckers
10. A1abama Shakes Shoegaze
11. JD McPherson Head Over Hee1s
12. The London Sou1s Crimson Reviva1
13. The B1ow Monkeys If Not Now, When?
14. Coti11on Holding You Back
15. Ryan A11en & His Extra Arms Should Be Me
16. Warm Soda Don't Wa1k Away
17. The Dirty Aces Ain't No Forgettin'
18. Young Guv Ke11y I'm Not A Creep
19. Diamond Rugs Thunk
20. Prima Donna Born Yesterday
21. Whitehorse Oh Do1ores
22. Un1ike1y Friends Soft Reputation
23. Cortney Barnett Pedestrian At Best
24. Downtown Boys Poder Elegir (Los Prisioneros cover)