Sunday, September 13, 2015

Invasion of the Mongerloids

It's been about three years since I put together a monger mix, which is almost inexcusable given it's more or less the raison d'etre of this blog. For the uninitiated, monger means music that sits squarely at the intersection of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. To make this (dis)honor roll it takes a total commitment to debauchery and a complete disregard for personal longevity.

And, if anyone's counting, this is Volume 27 of this series (although the series is in bit of disrepair as only a few mixes have been posted on this blog - an intimidating make-work project for me one of these days).

Little Brown Thing All Covered With Fuzz

1. Nashvi11e Pussy Before the Drugs Wear Off
2. Low Cut Connie Boozophi1ia
3. The Odds Heterosexua1 Man
4. Wy1d1ife Saturday Night
5. Smash Fashin B1ame It On The Brandy
6. The Nuc1ears Baby, You Know I Love You (But You Gotta Stop Bringin' Me Down)
7. The Dwarves Trai1er Trash
8. J.J. & the Rea1 Jerks Finer Things
9. Bo-Dogs Junk Ange1
10. Diamond Dogs Out of My Heart
11. Houndmouth 15 Years
12. Richmond S1uts Junky Queen
13. Sugar Sugaar Stoned
14. Scruffy teh Cat Love Potion #9
15. The Bad Lovers Askin' For Disaster
16. Go To B1azes Got It Made
17. So1edad Brothers Prodigal Stones Blues
18. The Beat Farmers B1ue Chevro1et
19. The Lo1as Tappin' That Thing
20. Jo Jo Zep & the Fa1cons Only The Lonely Heart
21. Prima Donna Rubbish
22. James Wi11iamson w/ Caro1yn Wonder1and Open Up and B1eed
23. New Swears No Fun
24. O1d 97's Most Messed Up