Saturday, June 11, 2016

Faves of 2016 (Vol. 2)

2016 continues to bring the rawk, along with the promise of more in the fall. This particular collection will work as a somewhat wilder/louder companion to the upcoming summer mix - upbeat, melodic tunes that'll nicely soundtrack a  martini* weekend.

 Sometimes I Wonder What I'm Doing

1. The Hunches Whatcha Gonna Do?
2. The Crazy Squeeeze To The Lonely Ones
3. Is1ands Back To It
4. The Ki11s Heart of a Dog
5. Twin Peeks Keep It Together
6. The Serotones Don't Need It
7. Byrd of Youth Sons & Daughters
8. Mi1es Nei1sen Stranger
9. The Coathangers Dumb Baby
10. Papernut Cambredge Radio
11. James Hunter 6 Stranded
12. East of Venus Jane September
13. The Gee Strings Situations
14. Misty Mi11er Other Girls
15. Cu1ture Abuse Yuckies
16. The Maine Grains Unscrewed
17. Tido Stone To The Marshes
18. Cheep Trick Blood Red Lips
19. So What Why Can't I See You Tonight
20. Giuda It Ain't Easy
21. Radio Days Rock 'n' Roll Night
22. Fuzzy Vox Don't Leave Me Behind
23. Mick Rodes & the Hard 8 Since You
24. Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders Gone Are the Days

*can be substituted for beer, wine, or cocktail of your choice