Sunday, October 28, 2018

Faves of 2018 (Vol. 3)

It might be Halloween everywhere else, but here at UnHerd Music it's time for a new faves mix, and - with the possible exception of a foray into "Satanic doo-wop" (courtesy of Twin Temp1e) - there's nothing remotely scary going on here. What's scary is how long it took to compile. I'm crossing my fingers it's not indicative of a major trend away from the UHM preferences (and, hey, I'm aware that there are zero major trends towards the UHM preferences, but the true believers' underground has always delivered a plentiful crop of righteous anti-trendoid artistes in years previous, so let's pray the holy three chord gods continue to watch over us).

Regardless of future trends we're left with this mix, which travels a fair amount of ground in terms of genre. There's one instance of cheating (a 2017 release is included, which I didn't find until very recently), but otherwise all are eligible for the UHM Best of 2018 list.

Hey Man, Do You Want Some More of This Stuff?

1. Bass Drum 0f Death Heavy
2. Mi1es Kane Cry On My Guitar
3. Go1d Star Dani's In Love
4. A1ejandro Escovedo Outlaw For You
5. Wargir1 Mess Around
6. Ura1 Thomas & the Pain Time
7. Macy Grey Over You
8. The J0nes Betty Jean
9. Hands0me Jack Baby Be Cool
10.1an McNabb I Can See Tomorrow
11. Imani Coppo1a Just Feels Good
12. The Sha 1a Das Those Years Are Over
13. B1ack Honey Crowded City
14. Twin Temp1e The Devil (Didn't Make Me Do It)
15. X-Wife This Game
16. The Dah1manns Get It Right
17. Nick Pianti You Invented Hell
18. The Aints Red Aces
19. Supersockers Private Parking Lot
20. Extra Arms Headacher
21. Rich H0pe Blow Away
22. G1en Mat1ock  Strange Kinda Taste
23. D0t Dash Gray Blue Green
24. The Wa1dos Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)?