Sunday, February 26, 2017

2016 Orphans Mix

The 2016 train may have left the station, but that doesn't mean there isn't a bunch of stuff still to catch up with. As usual, I only heard a fraction of what was released over the year - and it always amazes me how much great music drops into the void without even a peep from the hypeosphere of modern media. Some of these tracks are just singles - teases, one hopes, for an album in the coming months - but most appeared on full-length releases that simply slipped by my antiquated radar.

Better Than The Beatles Or The Stones

1. Tim East0n Right Before Your Own Eyes
2. The Dead Sh1ps Company Line
3. James Wi11iamson (w/ Maia) Sickkk
4. F1rst Base If I See You With That Girl Again
5. G00d0 Ordinary Girl
6. The Exc1tements Hold On Together
7. P1nk Turns Blue Something Deep Inside
8. Shake Some Act1on The Only Way Is Up
9. Miss Cha1n & the Broken Hee1s Uh Uh
10. The Cheap Ca55ettes Disappear With You
11. Ex1t Verse Silver Cup
12. The Jean1es Amilee
13. Happyne55 SB's Truck
14. Nick P1unt1 One Hit Wonder
15. The C0mputers Crucifixed On You
16. The Evers0ns Emily
17. U1ysses Law and Order
18. 1an Hunter Dandy
19. The Je5us and Mary Cha1n Amputation
20. Curt Baker Baby's Gone Bad
21. M1ng City Rockers All I Wanna Do Is Waste My Time With You
22. Earth Gir1s I Thought You Knew
23. Vega5 With Rando1ph Three Red Hooks
24. Pretender5 Alone

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dot Dash (free download)

Dot Dash, one of UHM's perennial faves, have created a five song sampler (one song from each of their releases), and the generous souls have made it available for a free download on Soundcloud! Jump on it, then support the band by picking up one or all of their albums. My personal fave is Earthquakes & Tidal Waves, but they're all of an amazingly high quality. We're barely two months into the new year, and I'm already anticipating whatever they do next - definitely a band to watch!


1. The Infinite
2. Satellite (Far Out)
3. Broken Halo
4. Live To Tell
5. Learn How To Fly

Searchlights (2016)
Earthquakes & Tidal Waves (2015)
Half-Remembered Dream (2013)
Winter Garden Light (2012)
spark>flame>ember>ash (2011)