Saturday, March 9, 2019

Orphans 2018

Once again, it turns out there's a ton of music that somehow slipped past me before I finalized my Best of the Year round-up - and I attempt to make amends for the oversight with this Orphans mix.  The one inescapable truth that makes itself apparent every year is that there is always better, greater, and cooler music than what is promoted through the mainstream sites. Some of these songs represent albums that should have been included in my Top 30, some of them are merely singles, but all are tracks that I wish I'd heard during the twelve months of 2018. Give a listen, and see if you share my righteous indignation over the unfair neglect of such aweomeness and awesomosity.

Got Jumped By a Bottle of Scotch

1. Dirty Sidewa1ks Rock and Roll (Save My Soul)
2. Bee Bee Sea Lou Weird
3. The Ratchets Gotta Be Cool
4. The Me0ws I Don't Care
5. Barrence Whitfie1d & the Savages Pain
6. Laura Jane Grase & the Devouring Mothers I Hate Chicago
7. Heatwave Nothing Matters
8. Locks1ey My Love Is Strong
9. Robbie Fu1ks & Linda Gai1 Lewis Wild Wild Wild
10. The Detr0it Cobras What More
11. Ryan Hami1ton & the Traitors The Ghost of James Dean
12. Skegss Smogged Out
13. The C0nnection Looking Back At You
14. The Speedways Just Another Regular Summer
15. Prima D0nna Press Your Luck
16. Loves0res Gods of Ancient Grease
17. Ace 0f Cups Feel Good
18. The Beths You Wouldn't Like Me
19. Th0mas Abban Time to Think
20. Lazy Daizies Runaway
21. Starcraw1er Pussy Tower
22. J0n Spencer I Got The Hits
23. M. Ward Miracle Man
24. The Pi1grims Fav New Kid
25. Lucer0 For the Lonely Ones