Sunday, February 18, 2018

2017 Orphans Mix

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you just miss a detail or two. Happens to me every year. I try to listen to as much as I can, and yet there's always a small pile of deserving tracks and albums that somehow eluded me. These Orphans mixes are an attempt to make right with those unintentionally neglected artists. And, make no mistake, I'm aware that there's a bunch of stuff I still haven't found. Some oversights are just easier to spot than others.

Should've Learned To Play Guitar

1. F1amin' Groovies What The Hell's Goin' On
2. The Brixton Riot The Ballad of Pete Best
3. The Forty Nineteens Easy Come Easy Go
4. Pugwash What Are You Like
5. Ryan Hami1ton & the Traitors Drugs and Fashion
6. Le Troub1e Fatal Flaw
7. The Peac0cks I've Had Enough
8. The Red Butt0n Tracy's Party
9. Derrick Anders0n Stop Messin' About
10. Stiff Richards Ride On Me
11. The Sweet Things Slather
12. The Wi11owz Just Can't Wait
13. W1retree J.F. Sebastian
14. Br1x & the Extricated Feelin' Numb
15. K1ng Khan Born in '77
16. Emperor Penguin Halfway to Havana
17. Deep State Idiot Waster
18. Mark Crozer & the Re1s Loathsome Freddie
19. The Men Come Alive
20. Eye1ids Falling Eyes
21. Blank Pages High Flyer
22. Tim He1decker Trump Tower
23. Nico1e Atkins Listen Up
24. Litt1e Steven I Don't Want To Go Home