Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello My Name is Mix (vol.5)

Listen, I totally cop to the fact that these names mixes are a tad on the crazy side and, frankly, I'm as surprised as anyone that it's even possible for so many volumes to exist. But here's the thing: these songs are out there. And they're awesome. And, godammit, somebody has to compile 'em. And so it may as well be this little backwater blog that almost exclusively places its attention on non-mainstream oddities and confections, amirite? I mean, if not here, where else?

 Walking 'Round the House in My Underpants

1. The Redwalls Robinson Crusoe
2. Dipsomaniacs Syd Barrett
3. Supraluxe Lester Bangs
4. Bad Books Forest Whitaker
5. Late Cambrian Ryan Gosling
6. Art Brut Martin Kemp
7. Barrance Whitfield Oscar Levant
8. Jet Electro Walter Cronkite
9. American Aquarium Abe Lincoln
10. The Prime Ministers Ron Wood
11. Bronx Cheerleader Ann Coulter
12. Dick Diver Michael Jackson
13. Cherry Blossom Clinic Bobby Baccalieri
14. Terry Andersen & the Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team Willie Mays
15. Big Dipper Robert Pollard
16. Boxer the Horse Karen Silkwood
17. Saint Motel Benny Goodman
18. The Breakup Society Mary Shelley
19. Lily Wood & the Prick Joni Mitchell
20. The Rifles Robin Hood
21. The Courtneys KC Reeves
22. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Harrison Ford
23. This Many Boyfriends Tina Weymouth
24. Bodeens Jay Leno