Sunday, June 16, 2019

Covers Project Vol. 17

It's getting harder and harder to ignore the fact that most of my favorite songs have now been reduced to the "oldies" nomenclature. As evidence - and as crazy as it sounds to me - a 4th generation newcomer like Matthew Sweet released his "Girlfriend" album almost 30 years ago. In fact, that album marks exactly the halfway point between right now and "Meet the Beatles." Or consider the Dead Boys cover of "Tell Me." It was included on their second album "We Have Come For Your Children" and, at the time, it felt like a whole new generation laying claim, ironically or not, that even ancient oldies held value. But their version and the Stones original were separated by a mere 14 years, while"We Have Come For Your Children" came out 40 years ago last year.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time I grabbed my walker and made my way down to  the care home cafeteria for my soup.

You're Gonna Run To The Rock For Rescue

1. Ted Le0 Heroes (David Bowie)
2. The Regrets Soft Shock (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
3. The Ratchets Johnny Too Bad (The Slickers)
4. Pat T0dd & the Rankoutsiders Any Other Way (William Bell)
5. The Peawees Runaround Sue (Dion)
6. Eag1es of Death Meta1 So Alive (Love & Rockets)
7. Stoo1 Pigeons Chills (Tony Orlando)
8. Anti-F1ag Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon)
9. D.0.A. Eve of Destruction (Barry McGuire)
10. The Dead B0ys Tell Me (Ro11ing Stones)
11. Green River Queen Bitch (David Bowie)
12. The Heiz Delirious (Prince)
13. E1ise LeGrow Can't Shake It (Etta James)
14. The L0ngshot I Am A Rock (Paul Simon)
15. The We11 Wishers All Over My Head (Matthew Sweet)
16. The Bangs Southern Girls (Cheap Trick)
17. Brixt0n Riot Bring on the Dancing Horses (Echo & the Bunnymen)
18. Decibe1s Big Hits (on the Underground) (The Saints)
19. T0mmy & the R0ckets Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Little Eva)
20. CJ Ram0ne Crawling From the Wreckage (Dave Edmunds)
21. Urban D0gs Human Being (New York Dolls)
22. Ty Sega11 Isolation (John Lennon)
23. The Strutz Suffragette City (David Bowie)
24. L0w Cut C0nnie Diamond Dogs (David Bowie)

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Faves of 2019 (Vol. 1)

Here we go again. The first faves mix of the new year. I'll admit it took a little longer to compile than I would have preferred - almost a full five months of searching - but this kind of quality isn't easily found (these days). That said, I feel I should put in a word for all the bands and artists that continue to raise the level of modern music - and that word is "thanks." I know it's a tough gig, and that no one wants to pay for anything anymore, but - if it helps - each one of these songs makes this timeline a slightly better place to exist than it would be otherwise. And this timeline needs all the help it can get. Dig in. If you find something you like or love, the album title is in the info.

I Got A Hot Air Balloon In A Rocket Ship Race

1. Reece McHenry Detroit
2. Attic Lights Louis
3. Ten T0nnes Better Than Me
4. Litt1e Steven & the Discip1es of Sou1 Soul Power Twist
5. Indiano1a How Did I Get So Rock 'n' Roll
6. Ex Hex Radiate
7. Pa1e Lips You're a Doll
8. Terry & Louie Rebel Ways
9. The Wi1dhearts Fine Art of Deception
10. Spira1 Stairs Hyp-No-Tized
11. 0utside Voices Bourbon in Bed
12. The Wi1d Reeds Moving Target
13. Reigning S0und Can't Hold On
14. Deer Tick Hey! Yeah!
15. L0ng Ryders Greenville
16. Crocodi1es Wait Until Tomorrow
17. Nick Waterh0use Wherever She Goes (She Is Wanted)
18. Ho1y Mo1y & the Crackers Can't Get Enough
19. The Dip She Gave Me The Keys
20. Char1ie Faye & the Fayettes The Whole Shebang
21. Nata1ie Sweet I Don't Want to Need You (Tonight)
22. Pat T0dd & the Rank0utsiders You Made a Hit
23. Brad Marin0 C'mon C'mon C'mon
24. F0xygen Livin' a Lie

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Beat the Clock (150k hits)

Just noticed the visit counter recently exceeded another milestone. This site isn't what anyone would refer to as a busy corner of the internet, but I still like to commemorate these occasions. And seeing as this occasion is all about numbers, how about a 70 minute mix crammed with 50 songs all under 2 minutes in length? Seemed like a thing to do. I only had three rules: 1) the songs had to be under 1:40, and 2) the songs had to be good, and 3) no Guided By Voices. I totally cheated a couple times with rule #1. Candidates for what I missed are welcome in the comments section.

Beat the Clock

1. Chixdiggit Get Down
2. Deathray Davies Don't Point at the Stoners
3. S1ick! Motherfucker
4. The L0ngshot Give It All To You
5. The Barreracudas Because
6. Tommy Womack Christian Rocker
7. E1astica Vaseline
8. Vea1 Underground
9. Jr. Gone Wi1d It Never Changes
10. Ranc1d Maxwell Murder
11. Peaches Fuck or Kill
12. BBQT Last Rocker
13. Earth Gir1s I Thought You Knew
14. DOA Fucked Up Donald
15. The Bamboo Kids Cocaine
16. Chris Devotion & the Expectations She is the One
17. Need1es//Pins Getting On Home
18. G1itz Paranoia
19. Sp00n Car Radio
20. The Interpreters Dogskin Report
21. Minutemen Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing
22. Vio1ent Femmes Old Mother Reagan
23. Wi1dhearts Dancin'
24. First Base Crybaby
25. Detroit C0bras Home in Your Heart
26. Jesus & Mary Cha1n The Perfect Crime
27. Drugst0re Super Glider
28. Wire Fragile
29. E1vis Coste11o Welcome to the Working Week
30. Christine Tay1or Scotch Mints
31.The Backs1iders Keep a-Knockin'
32. The F1eshtones God Damn It
33. Pa1e Lips Romanne
34. Monkey Bow1 Let's Eat
35. Fashionism Nun of That
36. The Meows This Man's Crazy
37. Warren Zanes Is It Real?
38. The Suburbs Cows
39. Ween Pumpin' 4 the Man
40. The Forgotten Rebe1s Fuck Me Dead
41. The Ki11joys Space Girl
42. John More1and Everything the Hard Way
43. Turbonegr0 Hobbit Motherfuckers
44. The Vibrat0rs Yeah Yeah Yeah
45. Baby Shakes Sugar High
46. Wreck1ess Eric It's a Sick, Sick World
47. Steve C0nte Happy Hour
48. One the Jugg1er Enjoy Yourself
49. The Beat Farmers Happy Boy
50. The Undert0nes Casbah Rock

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Orphans 2018

Once again, it turns out there's a ton of music that somehow slipped past me before I finalized my Best of the Year round-up - and I attempt to make amends for the oversight with this Orphans mix.  The one inescapable truth that makes itself apparent every year is that there is always better, greater, and cooler music than what is promoted through the mainstream sites. Some of these songs represent albums that should have been included in my Top 30, some of them are merely singles, but all are tracks that I wish I'd heard during the twelve months of 2018. Give a listen, and see if you share my righteous indignation over the unfair neglect of such aweomeness and awesomosity.

Got Jumped By a Bottle of Scotch

1. Dirty Sidewa1ks Rock and Roll (Save My Soul)
2. Bee Bee Sea Lou Weird
3. The Ratchets Gotta Be Cool
4. The Me0ws I Don't Care
5. Barrence Whitfie1d & the Savages Pain
6. Laura Jane Grase & the Devouring Mothers I Hate Chicago
7. Heatwave Nothing Matters
8. Locks1ey My Love Is Strong
9. Robbie Fu1ks & Linda Gai1 Lewis Wild Wild Wild
10. The Detr0it Cobras What More
11. Ryan Hami1ton & the Traitors The Ghost of James Dean
12. Skegss Smogged Out
13. The C0nnection Looking Back At You
14. The Speedways Just Another Regular Summer
15. Prima D0nna Press Your Luck
16. Loves0res Gods of Ancient Grease
17. Ace 0f Cups Feel Good
18. The Beths You Wouldn't Like Me
19. Th0mas Abban Time to Think
20. Lazy Daizies Runaway
21. Starcraw1er Pussy Tower
22. J0n Spencer I Got The Hits
23. M. Ward Miracle Man
24. The Pi1grims Fav New Kid
25. Lucer0 For the Lonely Ones

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Best of 2018

The Un-Herd Music Top 50 of 2018

1. Jeff Wha1en 10 More Rock Super Hits

Leader of shoulda-been legendary power poppers Tsar delivers what amounts to a master class in melodic perfection. Hooks upon hooks, vocal hooks, guitar hooks, just mofuggin' hooks in every direction. And it's not afraid to rock either.

2. The Peawees Moving Target

Songs so good they sound like classics from a non-existent golden era where Phil Spector, girl groups and Otis Redding rubbed shoulders with the Ramones and the Replacements, but it's new and all original.


3. Twin Peaks Sweet '17 Singles

Collects various awesome singles released the previous year, an act which seems almost heroically retro... and that's not a wholly inaccurate way to describe the band's approach to music as well.

4. Macy Grey Ruby