Thursday, August 27, 2015

Faves of 2015 (Vol. 2)

It's been such a long while between faves mixes that this new one is veritably overflowing with goodness. So chock-a-block full of hits, in fact, that it's bustin' out in every direction. It's almost unable to be contained within a single 80 minute mix.

And yet... here we are.

There's only one track that breaks the 2015 release rule. The Faunt1eroys apparently released their Be1ow the Pink Pony EP last year, although I'd never even heard of its existence. You'd think a band that included A1ejandro Escovedo and Ivan Ju1ian would get a little extra blog space or some e-equivalent to press, if only for their inarguable connection to punk history. Or maybe that's just an old fashioned notion to begin with. Anyway, they're here - along with 23 other slabs of awesome.

I Saw The True Be1ievers, They Were Smokin' On The Corner of "A' Street

1. Tenement Why Are We Where We Are
2. Roya1 Headache Carolina
3. Reno Bo How Do You Do
4. The Barrerocudas Promises
5. Barrence Whitfie1d & the Savages The Claw
6. The Orange Humb1e Band If That's What You Want
7. Nathaniel Rate1iff & the Night Sweats Howling at Nothing
8. Dona1d Cumming Game of the Heart
9. Christapher Owens Another Loser Fuck Up
10. White Reaper Candy
11. Diamond Dogs Alright Alright Alright
12. Big Ta1k I've Been Sentimental Lately
13. Yukon B1onde I Wanna Be Your Man
14. Gin Wigmore Written in the Water
15. Tim Rogers & the Bamboos Rules of Attraction
16. Backyard Babees I'm on My Way to Save Your Rock & Roll
17. The Faunt1eroys Worry Doll
18. Terry & Louie (I'm) Looking For A Heart
19. Titus Andronicus Fatal Flaw
20. The Connection Treat You So Bad
21. Leon Bridges Flowers
22. Imperia1 State E1ectric All Over My Head
23. Kid Wave Wonderlust
24. Ike Rei11y Born On Fire