Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Covers Project Vol. XII

You know the drill. Great versions of great songs... or great versions of rotten songs, I'll take it either way. What I avoid are the rotten versions of great songs. There's no room on these mixes for yet another whispy-voiced indie chanteuse with a dolphin tatt turning some mouldy buttrock nugget into a fragile statement of yearning. Insincere apologies to any Pomplamoose fans who've found this blog by accident. For pretty much everyone else, you'll probably find something to rock yer world.

The Crowd All Love Pulling Dolly By The Hair

1. The 69 Cats Gir1s On Film (Duran Duran)
2. Prima Donna I'm On Fire (Dwight Twi11ey Band)
3. The Apers Eve of Destruction (Barry McGuire)
4. Paul Co11ins Reach Out I'll Be There (The Four Tops)
5. Spark1e*Jets UK Mystery Dance (Elvis Costello)
6. CJ Ramone Long Way To Go (A1ice Cooper)
7. Robin Zander & Rick Nei1sen Jet (Wings)
8. Thomas D'Arcy w/ Chris Co1ohan Drugs In My Pocket (The Monks)
9. Para11ax Project News At Ten (The Vapors)
10. This Perfect Day Who1e Wide World (Wreck1ess Eric)
11. The Nuc1ears And Your Bird Can Sing (The Beat1es)
12. Supersuckers Rock On (Gary G1itter)
13. Frankenstein 3000 Turn On The News (Husker Du)
14. The Buttshakers Ramb1ing Gamb1ing Man (Bob Seger)
15. The Shamb1es Harmony (E1ton John)
16. Cheap Cassettes Whips and Furs (The Vibrators)
17. Game Theory The Letter (The Box Tops)
18. Timmy Sean You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (Bachman Turner Overdrive)
19. Ju1iana Hatfield Ready For Love (Mott the Hoop1e)
20.  Joan Jett & the B1ackhearts Let It B1eed (Ro11ing Stones)
21. Suzy y Los Quattro Play On (The Raspberries)
22. The Romatics I Need You (The Kinks)
23. Doub1e Naught Spies Dizzy (Tommy Roe)
24. Kurt Bayker So It Goes (Nick Lowe)
25. The New Piccadi11ys Rock & Roll (Led Zeppe1in)