Saturday, April 7, 2018

Faves of 2018 (vol. 1)

I'm happy to report that the first quarter of this year has delivered some truly outstanding music and, as evidenced by this mix, it's stylistically all over the map... well, all over the Un-Herd map, anyway. Don't be expecting anything too far removed from the blog's usual purview. No vapor wave, baby metal, clown step, truffletone, or Fripp hop (I may have made up some of those). Regardless, I can tell you that I had the chance to road test this mix on a long distance drive and it passed with flying colors. 80 solid minutes of non-stop should-be hits that somehow flow together.

If They Can't Find You They Can't Take It From You

1. Bat Fangs Turn It Up
2. Sam C0ffey & the Iron Lungs Tough
3. E1ise LeGrow Hold On
4. High Up Your System Failed You
5. Shannon & the C1ams The Boy
6. Twin Peaks Under the Pines
7. H0t Snakes Six Wave Hold-Down
8. Ruby B00ts It's So Cruel
9. Meisha & the Spanks Be Alright
10. Gin Wigm0re Dirty Mercy
11. The Regrettes Red Light
12. Act0rs Slaves
13. H0ckey Dad My Stride
14. Pub1ic Access TV Your God and Mine
15. Deva Maha1 Snakes
16. The B0rn Readies Automatic
17. Death by Unga Bunga Soldier
18. Dream Wife Let's Make Out
19. Amy1 & the Sniffers I'm Not a Loser
20. Faz Wa1tz Julie
21. The Number 0nes Long Way to Go
22. The Pand0ras Just a Picture
23. Erika Wennerstr0m Twisted Highway
24. Buffal0 Tom Overtime