Saturday, August 25, 2018

Talkin' Bout My Baby

Another theme mix to bide the time while I'm compiling the next Faves compilation. No subtlety at all in regards to theme: it's all song titles about some kind of baby. And for those playing the home game, my arbitrary rules demanded that the word "baby" had to come after the modifier. So, as an example, "Circus Baby" works, but "Baby Lightning" doesn't (even though I prefer the latter as a song). Maybe I'll switch that rule around for a future mix.

 Everything Connects And That Ain't Nowhere

1. Caro1ine & the Treats Wam Bam Baby
2. The Sta1kers Circus Baby
3. Transvisi0n Vamp Revolution Baby
4. The Regrettes Juicebox Baby
5. The Cute Lepers Dirty Baby
6. Faz Wa1tz Telepath Baby
7. Prima D0nna Doll Face Baby
8. Starz Cherry Baby
9. Sheer Mag Nobody's Baby
10. Brand New Hate Hoochie Coochie Baby
11. Biters Bite Me Baby
12. The Ravyns Incidentally Baby
13. S1ow Motorcade Vietnamese Baby (Dolls cover)
14. The Wa1dos Cry Baby
15. The Dirtb0mbs Motor City Baby
16. The F1eshtones Rock 'n' Roll Baby
17. Beu1ah Landslide Baby
18. F1ash Bastard TV Baby
19. The Yum Yums Let's Go Baby
20. Justine & the Unc1ean Passive Aggressive Baby
21. The Pooh Sticks Sugar Baby
22. Habibi Detroit Baby
23. Teenage Fanc1ub Metal Baby
24. The Dig Moonlight Baby
25. The Twisteroos Baby Baby Baby