Saturday, January 12, 2019

Best of 2018

The Un-Herd Music Top 50 of 2018

1. Jeff Wha1en 10 More Rock Super Hits

Leader of shoulda-been legendary power poppers Tsar delivers what amounts to a master class in melodic perfection. Hooks upon hooks, vocal hooks, guitar hooks, just mofuggin' hooks in every direction. And it's not afraid to rock either.

2. The Peawees Moving Target

Songs so good they sound like classics from a non-existent golden era where Phil Spector, girl groups and Otis Redding rubbed shoulders with the Ramones and the Replacements, but it's new and all original.


3. Twin Peaks Sweet '17 Singles

Collects various awesome singles released the previous year, an act which seems almost heroically retro... and that's not a wholly inaccurate way to describe the band's approach to music as well.

4. Macy Grey Ruby

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Un-Herd Christmess 2018

There's a small controversy these days over "Baby, It's Cold Outside," with some claiming the old chestnut is uncomfortably rapey. And, yeah, it is a little on the rapey side. And I'm personally fine with radio stations not playing it (although I'm a little concerned that, in 2018, there are still humans out there who get their music from the radio). But I think our culture might be guilty of snuffing out a single candle in the middle of a firestorm on this one, because, well - not to put too fine a point on it - my ears get mercilessly jingle-raped every holiday season by the avalanche of goddamn awful Christmas songs.  And that's why I try to compile these holiday themed mixes: just an attempt to offer some respite for those of us who get musically roofied throughout December.

It's Just a Gong Show of Import Plastic

1. Quiet C0mpany Merry Xmas, The President Is Terrible
2. Stop Ca11ing Me Frank Santa Buy Me a Beer
3. JD McPhers0n Claus Vs. Claus
4. The Re-grettes Marshmallow World
5. The O1d 97s Love the Holidays
6. The Rea1 Oh My Claus
7. The Do11yrots Last Xmas
8. Cheep Trick Please Come Home For Xmas
9. Catho1ic Action New Year
10.The Connecti0n Money Honey Baby
11. The Smithereens Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)
12. Whiteh0rse Merry Xmas Baby
13. The Maverix Xmas (Baby Please Come Home)
14. Bruce C0ckburn The Coldest Night of the Year
15. Macy Grey All I Want For Xmas
16. Dude Y0rk The Greatest Gift Is You
17. The Sha 1a Das Sha 1a De La La (Xmas Time)
18. A1oe B1acc I've Got Your Xmas Right Here
19. The Minus 5 w/ P0sies When Xmas Hurts You This Way
20. The Chi11s Snow Bound
21. The New P0rnographers Joseph, Who Understood
22. Dead End Streets Climate Change Xmas
23. The Rave0nettes Come On Santa
24. T.Rex Xmas Bop

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Faves of 2018 (Vol. 3)

It might be Halloween everywhere else, but here at UnHerd Music it's time for a new faves mix, and - with the possible exception of a foray into "Satanic doo-wop" (courtesy of Twin Temp1e) - there's nothing remotely scary going on here. What's scary is how long it took to compile. I'm crossing my fingers it's not indicative of a major trend away from the UHM preferences (and, hey, I'm aware that there are zero major trends towards the UHM preferences, but the true believers' underground has always delivered a plentiful crop of righteous anti-trendoid artistes in years previous, so let's pray the holy three chord gods continue to watch over us).

Regardless of future trends we're left with this mix, which travels a fair amount of ground in terms of genre. There's one instance of cheating (a 2017 release is included, which I didn't find until very recently), but otherwise all are eligible for the UHM Best of 2018 list.

Hey Man, Do You Want Some More of This Stuff?

1. Bass Drum 0f Death Heavy
2. Mi1es Kane Cry On My Guitar
3. Go1d Star Dani's In Love
4. A1ejandro Escovedo Outlaw For You
5. Wargir1 Mess Around
6. Ura1 Thomas & the Pain Time
7. Macy Grey Over You
8. The J0nes Betty Jean
9. Hands0me Jack Baby Be Cool
10.1an McNabb I Can See Tomorrow
11. Imani Coppo1a Just Feels Good
12. The Sha 1a Das Those Years Are Over
13. B1ack Honey Crowded City
14. Twin Temp1e The Devil (Didn't Make Me Do It)
15. X-Wife This Game
16. The Dah1manns Get It Right
17. Nick Pianti You Invented Hell
18. The Aints Red Aces
19. Supersockers Private Parking Lot
20. Extra Arms Headacher
21. Rich H0pe Blow Away
22. G1en Mat1ock  Strange Kinda Taste
23. D0t Dash Gray Blue Green
24. The Wa1dos Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)?

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Talkin' Bout My Baby

Another theme mix to bide the time while I'm compiling the next Faves compilation. No subtlety at all in regards to theme: it's all song titles about some kind of baby. And for those playing the home game, my arbitrary rules demanded that the word "baby" had to come after the modifier. So, as an example, "Circus Baby" works, but "Baby Lightning" doesn't (even though I prefer the latter as a song). Maybe I'll switch that rule around for a future mix.

 Everything Connects And That Ain't Nowhere

1. Caro1ine & the Treats Wam Bam Baby
2. The Sta1kers Circus Baby
3. Transvisi0n Vamp Revolution Baby
4. The Regrettes Juicebox Baby
5. The Cute Lepers Dirty Baby
6. Faz Wa1tz Telepath Baby
7. Prima D0nna Doll Face Baby
8. Starz Cherry Baby
9. Sheer Mag Nobody's Baby
10. Brand New Hate Hoochie Coochie Baby
11. Biters Bite Me Baby
12. The Ravyns Incidentally Baby
13. S1ow Motorcade Vietnamese Baby (Dolls cover)
14. The Wa1dos Cry Baby
15. The Dirtb0mbs Motor City Baby
16. The F1eshtones Rock 'n' Roll Baby
17. Beu1ah Landslide Baby
18. F1ash Bastard TV Baby
19. The Yum Yums Let's Go Baby
20. Justine & the Unc1ean Passive Aggressive Baby
21. The Pooh Sticks Sugar Baby
22. Habibi Detroit Baby
23. Teenage Fanc1ub Metal Baby
24. The Dig Moonlight Baby
25. The Twisteroos Baby Baby Baby

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Faves of 2018 (vol. 2)

Although this mix is coming hot on the heels of the last one, it doesn't mean I'm intending to invade your summer with compilations. I've actually been sitting on this Fave mix for a while, excruciatingly waiting for one last awesome song before it was ready to post. As luck would have it, the Sick Things album fell from heaven mere days ago - and it's the perfect capper for a collection of songs that are totally kicking my ass. Consider this a premature peek at the UHM Best of 2018 - or forget about the future entirely (and all its ugly complications) and just rock your summer bbq right now.

God, What a Beautiful Freak

1. Parker Mi11sap Some People
2. Ruen Br0s. Finer Things
3. The Ho1d Steady Esther
4. The Sick Things Empty Castles
5. Jeff Wha1en Jendy
6. Low Cut C0nnie All These Kids Are Way Too High
7. The Rea1 Sickies Everywhere You Go
8. The Vaxines I Can't Quit
9. Curt Baker C0mbo Foolish Stuff
10. The Be11Rays Bad Reaction
11. The L0ngshot The Last Time
12. Daddy Rock & Roll, Pt. 3
13. The Magic #s The Keeper
14. The PeaWees Stranger
15. The Buttert0nes Midnight in a Moonless Dream
16. Shann0n Shaw  Love I Can't Explain
17. Damian 0'Nei11 & the Monotones Just Wanna Be With You
18. Simon L0ve The Ballad of Sim0n Love
19. Beechw00d Boy Before
20. The Pitchafits!! So Down
21. Bad M0ves Cool Generator
22. Furies Dynamite
23. Lucy & the Rats Pills
24. Wy1d1ife These Days
25. BBQT Last Rocker

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Summer 2018

It's time again for a celebration of summer with a mix that touches on a variety of genres and eras. Some blasts from the past are stirred in with previews from the upcoming Faves mix, all with an ear to being playable among family and/or friends with differing tastes. Unless, that is, you've got family or a friend who likes New Country. I can't help you there, other than to offer condolences.
Having Fun's A Terminal Addiction

1. The Some1oves Sunshine's Glove
2. Coo1 Whip Summer Days
3. The Se1ecter The Big Badoof
4. Ruen Bros. Summer Sun
5. The Bamb00s Lit Up
6. The Br0ken West Hale Sunrise
7. Gin Wigm0re Beatnik Trip
8. Vibro1ush Touch and Go
9. Yukon B1onde Summer in July
10. Meesha & the Spanks Summer Love
11. J. White Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi
12. The L0ve-Birds Gerrit
13. F1ash Bastard Street Fight Summer
14. Bat Fangs Boy of Summer
15. B0ytoy Mary Anne
16. Miss Chain & the Broken Hee1s Let Us Shine
17. The Space M0nkeys Sugar Cane
18. Mans Weis1ander Idiot Sunshine
19. Te1ephone Lovers Gone for the Summer
20. M0rcheeba It's Summertime
21. Beech Day Bffs
22. Shann0n Shaw Goodbye Summer

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Covers Project Vol. 16

I recently saw Low Cut C0nnie in a small club, and the band delivered one of those rare rock & roll baptisms that rekindle one's faith in the music. They were everything I love about rock & roll - tight, driving, melodic, and hilarious - but they brought the house down with three well-chosen cover songs: Prince's "Controversy," Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky," and David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs." It wasn't apparent to me until the 3rd song hit that they were paying tribute to a holy trinity of recently departed idols. The moment was simultaneously celebratory and heart-rending, emotionally complex in the way only the simplest gestures can be. I bring this up because, without consciously planning it, this mix does the same thing for the same trinity (along with a few other deeply-missed giants). I'm pretty sure that won't take away from the summery good time vibes of the mix - but it might give it a little emotional context.

Little Young Lady Stardust Hitching A Ride

1. The Regrettes Teenager in Love (Dion)
2. Devin The Passenger (Iggy Pop)
3. Timmy Sean Revolution (The Beatles)
4. Brady Harris Band Our Lips Are Sealed (The Go-Gos)
5. Low Cut C0nnie Controversy (Prince)
6. N0 Use For A Name Badfish (Sublime)
7. Vista B1ue Rhythm of the Rain (The Cascades)
8. CH3 Blue Skies (Willie Nelson)
9. Say Sue Me Dreaming (Blondie)
10. Lee R0cker Wild Child (Johnny O'Keefe)
11. The New York L00se Chatterbox (New York Dolls)
12. S1aughter & the Dogs Bang A Gong (T.Rex) 
13. Chewy Marb1e Metal Baby (Teenage Fanclub)
14. Materia1 Issue Blockbuster (The Sweet)
15. Tripwires 2-4-6-8 Motorway (Tom Robinson Band)
16. The Do11yrots American Girl (Tom Petty)
17. C0bra Verde Teenage Kicks (The Undertones)
18. The Reverend Shawn Am0s Jean Genie (David Bowie)
19. Vibro1ush Joker (Steve Miller Band)
20. Emper0r Penguin Maid in Heaven (Be Bop Deluxe)
21. The F0rty Nineteens Time Is On My Side (Rolling Stones)
22. Y0u Am I I'm So Tired (The Beatles)
23. Concrete B1onde Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)
24. Bruce Springsteen Just Like Fire Would (The Saints)
25. Dead R0ck West Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke)