Saturday, January 23, 2016

Best of 2015

The Un-Herd Music Top 40 of 2015

1. The Barreracudas Can Do Easy

Power pop punk glam trash armed with an amazing arsenal of hooks and a fearless hold on that old rock & roll rhythm. True believers.

2. Ike Reilly Born On Fire

Connects the dots between '65 Dylan, '77 punk, ancient blues & right fuckin' now with an earned swagger.

 3. Royal Headache High

Band crashes & bashes, the singer soars, the album targets nothing less than pop immortality & hits it right between the eyes.

 4. JD McPherson Let The Good Times Roll

JD flirts with the rock & roll revivalist retro ghetto but imbues every classic move with a modern sheen, turning old dead ends into a freeway of fresh thrills.

 5. Dot Dash Earthquakes & Tidal Waves

Dot Dash have expanded from the brittle post-punk of their previous albums to incorporate ever more melodic strains in their DNA, from the 80s all the way up to the immediate future.

 6. Minky Starshine Pop Jewelry

Streamlined and sleek power pop with its focus squarely set on gorgeous, laid-back songcraft.

7. Diane Coffee Everybody's A Good Dog

It turns out the true follow-up to Foxygen's masterful "We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic" was by drummer Shaun Fleming's side project Diane Coffee. A cuinsinart of genre fuckery that doesn't forget the tunes.

 8. The Role Models The Go-To Guy

Rough, tough Replacements-style what-the-fuck, complete with the requisite doses of hopelessness and world-beater arrogance.

9. Simi Stone Simi Stone

There's equal streaks of 50s doo wop and 70s Laurel Canyon singer/songwriter cool running through Simi's mellow take on modern R&B that is endlessly awesome.

 10. Lucero All A Man Should Do

Lucero all grown up and glossed with big time production. Old time fans might miss the sharp punk edges, but Ben Nichols' songs carry the depth and melody to merit a place in the Memphis soul tradition.

11. The Sonics This Is The Sonics
12. Simon Love It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
13. The Ballantynes Dark Drives, Life Signs
14. Sugar Sugaar - Strange Kicks
15. Orange Humble Band - Depressing Beauty
16. Terra Lightfoot - Every Time My Mind Runs Wild
17. Turbo Fruits - No Control
18. Donald Cumming - Out Calls Only
19. Dr. Boogie - Gotta Get Back To New York City
20. Dan Kelly - Leisure Panic

21. Low Cut Connie - Hi Honey
22. Ryan Hamilton - Hell Of A Day
23. Baby Shakes - Starry Eyes
24. Biters - Electric Blood
25. Downtown Boys - Full Communism
26. Leon Bridges - Coming Home
27. Barrence Whitfield & the Savages - Under A Savage Sky
28. Shovels & Rope - Busted Jukebox Vol. 1
29. White Reaper - White Reaper Does It Again
30. Nikki Hill - Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists

31. Reno Bo - Lessons From A Shooting Star
32. Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit And Think...
33. Blow Monkeys - If Not Now, When?
34. Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms - Heart String Soul
35. Andra Day - Cheers to the Fall
36. The Connection - Labor of Love
37. Jesse Malin - New York Before The War
38. Thunderbitch - Thunderbitch
39. Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats - Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats
40. Prima Donna - Nine Lives & Forty Fives

Favorite EPs of 2015:

The Breakdowns - Heavy Metal Bombs
Modern Kicks - The Kicks Ain't All Right
The Pilgrims - Shred Savage
Rooni - Yodo
Rooni - Pilot

And, finally, a sampler mix of some of my absolute favorites from that list. There's no specific order to the mix - just tried to keep the flow - and to that end I've picked fairly randomly from the entire top 40. I'm hoping you'll find something that'll lead you to an entire album (or albums) of new faves.If that's ever the case (or is never the case), let me know in the comments. 

And thanks for hangin' around and hangin' in.  All the best in 2016!
Final Boarding Call For The Chosen Ones

1. Ike Rei11y Notes from the Denver International Airport
2. Roya1 Headache Wouldn't You Know 
3. Dot Dash Flowers
4. The Ro1e Mode1s Lie For Today
5. The Barreracudas Long Explanation
6. JD McPherson It's All Over But The Shouting
7. Ryan Hami1ton Records and Needles
8. Minky Starshine Drive
9. Simi Stone Good Girl
10. Simon Love The New Adam and Eve
11. Terra Lightfoot Never Will
12. Diane Coffee Mayflower
13. White Reaper Sheila
14. Low Cut Connie Both of My Knees
15. Nikki Hi11 Nothin' With You
16. Lucero Young Outlaws
17. Sugar Sugaar Sweet City
18. Turbo Fruits Don't Change
19. Downtown Boys Wave of History
20. Baby Shakes Teenage Cloud
21. Dona1d Cumming Workin' It Out
22. The Ballantynes My Place Your Town
23. Dr. Boogie Life On The Breadline
24. Biters Dreams Don't Die

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Un-Herd Christmess 2015

My only message to 2015 is this: go suck on a box of dongs. You were even worse than 2013 and 2006. Those were two years that thought they were big shots, and where are they now? That's right. Gone. Gone and forgotten. Just like you in a couple of weeks, 2015. You dick.

And, oh yeah, it's christmas. Merry whateverthefuck.

But Anyway Feliz Navidad And All That

1. Futurheads Xmas Was Better in the 80s
2. Primitives You Trashed My Xmas
3. Honeymoon Sta11ions Snowbirds
4. Cave Singers Xmas Night
5. The Drabs Santa's Got Toys
6. 1indby w/ 1eon Bridges & A1i Grant Merry Xmas Baby
7. Pink Ti1es A1one Again at Xmas Time
8. The Both You're a Gift
9. Gri11ade Just a Sad Xmas
10. Les Deux1uxes La Fi11e du Pere Noel
11. Pub1ic Access TV Here Come the Be11s (Xmas Gift)
12. Si1very Christmas '74
13. The Do11yrots Run Run Rudolph
14. The 1ove Me Nots Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me
15. The Nuc1ears Nuc1ear Winter Wonderland
16. a Drift Merry Xmas (War Isn't Over)
17. The Eversuns The Xmas Suicide Song
18. Ho11y Go1ightly & the Brokeoffs Xmas is a Lie
19. Char1ie's Hand Movements It's Xmas Time (& I Don't Want to Wait)
20. Frankie & the Heartstrings w/ Edwyn Co11ins (Too Right) It's Xmas
21. The Huntingtuns It's Always Xmas at My House
22. Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene Crime Scene Xmas
23. AC & his Midwest Merrymakers Xmas Makes Me Horny
24. Foxtai1s Brigade I'm Not Really in the Xmas Mood This Year
25. Diamond Rugs Xmas in a Chinese Restaurant

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Faves of 2015 Vol. 3

I lost a lot in 2015: friends, friends' loved ones, my pet, and my hard drive. The hard drive was the least significant, of course, but its crash destroyed a number of mixes and random music that I'd planned to post here. I've managed to cobble together a final volume of 2015 faves - and I only wish those other losses were as easy to replace. Take care out there, everybody.

I Wouldn't Do It Different, I'd Just Do It All Again

1. Simon Love (****) Is A Dirty Word
2. Lucero Can't You Hear Them How1
3. Simi Stone Bitches F1y
4. Dan Ke11y Never Stop The Rot
5. Sweet Spirit Rebe1 Rebe1
6. Josh Ritter Where The Night Goes
7. Bott1e Rockets Monday
8. Wreck1ess Eric Several Shades of Green
9. Shi1pa Ray Johnny Thunders Fanstasy Space Camp
10. The Kickback Scorched Earth Brouhaha
11. Young Riva1 Interior Light
12. Terra Lightfoot Home To You
13. Beach S1ang Hard Luck Kid
14. Jesse Ma1in Whitestone City Limits
15. Vidunder Gone With Dawn
16. Spoon I've Been Good Too Long
17. The Libertines Gunga Din
18. Thunderbitch Eastside Party
19. You Am I Buzz The Boss
20. Summer Twins Juju
21. Sugar Sugaar Strange
22. Ho11y Go1ight1y & the BrokeOffs Coulda Shoulda Woulda
23. Andra Dey Gin & Juice (Let Go My Hand)
24. Rooni Roses

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Covers Project (Vol. XIII)

It only seems appropriate that the 13th volume of the covers project would coincide with Hallowe'en night. There's nothing much in the way of spooky involved, however - but I did take a different approach to this covers mix. It focuses entirely on mellow/ballad versions of songs, tunes that, while totally cool, always felt out of place when I tried cramming them on previous mixes.

We'll be back to the regularly scheduled programming come next installment.

But She Just Couldn't Stay

1. Ken Stringfe11ow Kids Don't Follow (The Replacements)
2. Per Gess1e Sheena is a Punk Rocker (Ramones)
3. Oh Mercy Someday (The Strokes)
4. Nico1e Atkins Under the Milky Way (The Church)
5. Michae1 Carpenter Wonderful World (Sam Cooke)
6. S1obberbone To Love Somebody (The BeeGees)
7. Naked Prey Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell)
8. Missy Higgins Don't Believe Anymore (Icehouse)
9. Jesse Ma1in Stay Free (The Clash)
10. Ezra Furman Androgynous (The Replacements)
11. Boz Scaggs Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl (Mink Deville)
12. Mote1 Beds I've Been Waiting (Matthew Sweet)
13. Aimie Mann Too Many People (Paul McCartney)
14. Bob Forrest Melt With You (Modern English)
15. The Ki11s Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
16. Jose Gonza1es #9 Dream (John Lennon)
17. Linus of Ho11ywood Beth (Kiss)
18. Richard Buckner Candy-O (The Cars)
19. Lydia Love1ess I Would Die 4 U (Prince)
20. Jamie T Bastards of Young (The Replacements)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Invasion of the Mongerloids

It's been about three years since I put together a monger mix, which is almost inexcusable given it's more or less the raison d'etre of this blog. For the uninitiated, monger means music that sits squarely at the intersection of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. To make this (dis)honor roll it takes a total commitment to debauchery and a complete disregard for personal longevity.

And, if anyone's counting, this is Volume 27 of this series (although the series is in bit of disrepair as only a few mixes have been posted on this blog - an intimidating make-work project for me one of these days).

Little Brown Thing All Covered With Fuzz

1. Nashvi11e Pussy Before the Drugs Wear Off
2. Low Cut Connie Boozophi1ia
3. The Odds Heterosexua1 Man
4. Wy1d1ife Saturday Night
5. Smash Fashin B1ame It On The Brandy
6. The Nuc1ears Baby, You Know I Love You (But You Gotta Stop Bringin' Me Down)
7. The Dwarves Trai1er Trash
8. J.J. & the Rea1 Jerks Finer Things
9. Bo-Dogs Junk Ange1
10. Diamond Dogs Out of My Heart
11. Houndmouth 15 Years
12. Richmond S1uts Junky Queen
13. Sugar Sugaar Stoned
14. Scruffy teh Cat Love Potion #9
15. The Bad Lovers Askin' For Disaster
16. Go To B1azes Got It Made
17. So1edad Brothers Prodigal Stones Blues
18. The Beat Farmers B1ue Chevro1et
19. The Lo1as Tappin' That Thing
20. Jo Jo Zep & the Fa1cons Only The Lonely Heart
21. Prima Donna Rubbish
22. James Wi11iamson w/ Caro1yn Wonder1and Open Up and B1eed
23. New Swears No Fun
24. O1d 97's Most Messed Up

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Faves of 2015 (Vol. 2)

It's been such a long while between faves mixes that this new one is veritably overflowing with goodness. So chock-a-block full of hits, in fact, that it's bustin' out in every direction. It's almost unable to be contained within a single 80 minute mix.

And yet... here we are.

There's only one track that breaks the 2015 release rule. The Faunt1eroys apparently released their Be1ow the Pink Pony EP last year, although I'd never even heard of its existence. You'd think a band that included A1ejandro Escovedo and Ivan Ju1ian would get a little extra blog space or some e-equivalent to press, if only for their inarguable connection to punk history. Or maybe that's just an old fashioned notion to begin with. Anyway, they're here - along with 23 other slabs of awesome.

I Saw The True Be1ievers, They Were Smokin' On The Corner of "A' Street

1. Tenement Why Are We Where We Are
2. Roya1 Headache Carolina
3. Reno Bo How Do You Do
4. The Barrerocudas Promises
5. Barrence Whitfie1d & the Savages The Claw
6. The Orange Humb1e Band If That's What You Want
7. Nathaniel Rate1iff & the Night Sweats Howling at Nothing
8. Dona1d Cumming Game of the Heart
9. Christapher Owens Another Loser Fuck Up
10. White Reaper Candy
11. Diamond Dogs Alright Alright Alright
12. Big Ta1k I've Been Sentimental Lately
13. Yukon B1onde I Wanna Be Your Man
14. Gin Wigmore Written in the Water
15. Tim Rogers & the Bamboos Rules of Attraction
16. Backyard Babees I'm on My Way to Save Your Rock & Roll
17. The Faunt1eroys Worry Doll
18. Terry & Louie (I'm) Looking For A Heart
19. Titus Andronicus Fatal Flaw
20. The Connection Treat You So Bad
21. Leon Bridges Flowers
22. Imperia1 State E1ectric All Over My Head
23. Kid Wave Wonderlust
24. Ike Rei11y Born On Fire

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer 2015

Don't expect to rock the BBQ with this year's summer mix. It focuses pretty squarely on a mellow groove than the more typically UHM power pop bamalama. A little less Hammer Time and a little more hammock time, if you will. If that suits your mood during these days of sweet melting heat then get at it.

Nothing's Gonna Break Your Heart Today

1. The B1ow Monkeys The Sun Is In The Sky
2.  Danny & the Champians of the Wor1d Can I Change My Mind
3. Leon Bridges Twistin' & Groovin'
4. The Cheve11es Summer Fun
5. Yukon B1onde Confused
6. Ho11is Brown w/ Nikki Lane Highway 1
7. James Hunter People Gonna Talk
8. Travis Brettzer Lonely Heart
9. Tennis Bad Girls
10. The Aggro1ites Ever Want To Try
11. Jin Wigmore DFU
12. Du B1onde Hunter
13. Grant Lee Phi11ips Raise The Spirit
14. Wild Be11e It's Too Late
15. The Last Hurrah! Can't Wait No More
16. Papernut Cambridge Accident's Children
17. The Soft White Sixtees It's You
18. The Orange Humb1e Band Our Beautiful Selves
19. The Wooden Sky Baby, Hold On
20. Dom Mareani The Golden Ones (DJ Moogy Remix)