Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello My Name Is Mix (vol. 4)

At one point I figured I'd be lucky to manage a single collection of songs named after public figures, and here we are at Volume 4. The weird thing is that the quality of songs continues to stay high (if not get stronger). For example, three of these tracks ("Paul Stanley", "Samantha Jones", and "Fats Domino") are three of my favorite songs from last year, period.

I owe big thanks to Marc Friedlander for generously offering "Benmont Tench" from his awesome '90s band Salt Peter (which he accurately describes as "Uncle Tupelo but poppier") as well as "Maria Bartiromo" from the impressive Tan Sleeve. Both bands are well worth further investigation. Kudos to you, sir!

Who You Want In Your Corner?

1. Gustav Nilsson Paul Stanley
2. The Someloves Jack Robinson
3. Psychotic Youth Goldie Hawn
4. The Features Fats Domino
5. The Krayolas Gordon Lightfoot
6. The Breakdowns Samantha Jones
7. Jr. Gone Wild Martha Quinn
8. Ghost Trains Michael Caine
9. Avocadoclub Geraldine Ford
10. Tan Sleeve Maria Bartiromo
11. KC Bowman Harry Truman
12. The Huntingtons Judy Jetson
13. Salt Peter Benmont Tench
14. The Breakup Society Robin Zander
15. The Posies Grant Hart
16. The Makes Nice Anna Karina
17. The Hoodoo Gurus Gene Hackman
18. The Tights Howard Hughes
19. Highschool Hellcats Andy McCoy
20. Local H Eddie Vedder
21. The Jesus and Mary Chain Moe Tucker
22. Cymbals Eat Guitars Gary Condit
23. Art Brut Axl Rose
24. Saturday Night Karaoke Caroline Andersen