Friday, September 18, 2009

20 songs by the Diamond Dogs

There's just no getting around it, the Diamond Dogs sound like they should have emerged out of the 70s. But hey, at least they cherry-picked the greatest parts of that maligned decade. This band takes the sloppy, booze-fueled, wounded soul of the Faces and pairs it with their own healthy obsession with the Stones of Exile On Main Street. Punked-up Chuck Berry riffs, raspy vocals, honking sax, gospel-style back-up singers, and lyrics straight out of an ESL rhyming dictionary - they're all piled on top of each other in the true spirit of '70s excess. The result is the kind of good time rock 'n' roll that sounds like it should have always existed (even though it really didn't until these guys came along). It's a stroke of minor genius, a testament to the transcendental power of 3 chords and a bad attitude, and exactly the sound any worthwhile weekend needs. This mix is compiled chronologically, and it includes a few songs from two of lead vocalist Sulo's solo albums.

20 songs by the Diamond Dogs

1. Lovestoned Again
2. Honked!
3. Black As Sin
4. Bite Off
5. Every Little Crack
6. Passing Through My Heart
7. From Now On
8. I'll Drink To Ya
9. Lift It Up
10. Gotta Be Gone (It's Alright)
11. Scunthorpe Avenue
12. Yours Sincerely
13. You've Got A Song To Sing
14. Generation Upstart
15. Down In The Alley Again
16. I Love You Baby, Sing Me A Song
17. Soul Folks
18. Make It All Up To You
19. Cold Blue Summer
20. Chimes Of Love

#1 - 3 from Honked! (1994)
#4 from Among The Non Believers ep (2000)
#5 from Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough (2002)
#6 from Shortplayer ep (2002)
#7,8 from That's The Juice I'm On compilation (2003)
#9,10 from Black River Road (2004)
#11 from Atlantic Crossover split with Jeff Dahl (2004)
#12,13 from Sulo's Just Another Guy Tryin' (2005)
#14,15 from Up The Rock (2006)
#16, 17 from Sulo's Hear Me Out (2008)
#18 - 20 from It's Most Likely (2008)

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