Wednesday, July 14, 2010

King of Summer - the 2010 summer mix

I make these summer mixes as something that you can play during a BBQ or while lounging on the deck. Music that's just meant for sunshine and a slight buzz. Of course, I need to point out that these summer mixes only really work if all your invited guests are, y'know, me (and hey, you should be so lucky, amirite?), because it's typically focused on my usual musical obsessions which serve an admittedly smaller section of the populace than, say, the Black Eyed Peas. Also, quite proudly, there ain't a note of chillwave to be found on this beeyatch.

Usually my summer mixes span the decades, but for whatever reason this time out the only thing close to an oldie is Teenage Head's 1980 chestnut "Let's Shake" (RIP Frankie Venom), and after that the most ancient track comes from 2001 (which is "Any Way You Want It" by the Orange Humble Band, a mysteriously neglected supergroup involving Mitch Easter, Ken Stringfellow of the Posies, Jody Stephens of Big Star, and Daryl Mather of the DM3) . There's a handful of songs from the last couple years, while thirteen of the twenty-two songs are totally brand spankin' new.

If you happened to enjoy the Yum Yums mix, keep an ear out for the track by Caroline & the Treats, on which the lovely Caroline Andersen hooks up with Yum Yums mainman Morten Henriksen - you can do your own googling to discover Caroline's other career (hint: turn the filter off). The J. Roddy Walston track is from the upcoming (as yet unreleased) album, and currently only appears on the HOPE Campaign compilation, which makes for an awesome summer mix on its own right. It's available on both Amazon and iTunes for a mere $7.99 (and it's a good cause).

Anyway, enough chat. It's time to spark up the Q, pour those gin 'n' tonics strong, stare melanoma defiantly in the face, and melt.

King of Summer

1. Hollerado Do the Doot Da Doot Doo
2. The Rumours Get Together
3. Mishka w/ Willie Nelson Homegrown
4. The Henry Clay People This Ain't A Scene
5. Macy Gray Kissed It
6. The Arkells The Ballad of Hugo Chavez
7. Caroline & the Treats Bad All Over
8. Teenage Head Let's Shake
9. Attic Lights Summer Girlfriend
10. Rooney I Don't Want To Lose You
11. Ambershades Happy Now
12. The Dirty Heads Driftin'
13. Orange Humble Band Any Way You Want It
14. Supergrass Seen The Light
15. Japanese Motors Single Fins & Safety Pins
16. Hefner The King of Summer
17. The Like Release Me
18. Young Rival The Ocean
19. The Silver Seas The Best Things In Life
20. The Beautiful Girls 10:10
21. J. Roddy Walston & The Business I Don't Wanna Hear It
22. The Frank Popp Ensemble Love Is On Our Side


Baton Rouge Bites said...

Thanks. I needed a new BBQ mix. Now, all I need are friends without shitty taste in music.

acresofbears said...

Thanks for the mix - lots of fun. Think I'll try it out tonight on some unsuspecting friends.

Roy Pearl said...

NOICE! Were the invited guests alternately dancing and contemplating?

Caroline Andersen said...

Love the blog! And thanks for liking "Bad All Over" ;)

Roy Pearl said...

The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Andersen. You and Morten have made some beautiful music together ;)

Kwai Chang said...

The photo is from a lobby card for the movie "Gums". It's about an old shark with no teeth. It tickles its victims to death by gumming them. The horror can take hours. Everybody run!