Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of Summer mix

The days are still gloriously hot, but night is already falling sooner. Those patio lanterns are necessary even before you've got all the ribs off the grill. And every so often, if the wind blows just right, you swear you can feel a slight autumn chill lying just under the warm sting of the sun. Yep, it's the dog days of August, and summer's almost over.

So here's a slight change of pace. A decidedly slower pace, in fact. This mix won't get anyone dancing, but it'll aid in the casual sipping of sangria at dusk. It's not exactly sad bastard music - no bearded troubadours with an acoustic guitar whisper-singing about their cosmic pain - this mix is more about the mellow groove. The slow burn. Songs from a variety of sources and eras that tap into a blissed-out form of melancholy, which pretty much matches my mood at this time of year. Maybe yours too. 

Shade and Honey

1. Oh Mercy Lay Everything On Me
2. Robbers on High Street Nasty Numbers
3. Bing Ji Ling Everybody
4. Daniel Tashian When You're Gone
5. Pinback Fortress
6. Ringside (w/ Ben Harper) Lost Days
7. Pernice Brothers Somerville
8. Luke Rathborne Dog Years
9. Vulgar Boatmen You Don't Love Me Yet
10. Largest Living Things Hellbent
11. High Dials What You Call Love Is A Lie
12. Yep The Rain Song 
13. Cat Power Lived In Bars
14. Matt Costa Drive
15. Apex Manor Coming To
16. Warren Zanes Hey Girl
17. Girls Love Like a River
18. Roman Candle Baby's Got It In The Genes
19. The Chevelles Sunshine
20. Penny Blacks Chop Yourself Into Little Pieces And Mail Yourself to New Brunswick, Canada For Immediate Reassembly


PDX Chica said...

Wow! So many of my favorite tracks here-- Oh Mercy, Bing Ji Ling, Pinback, Pernice Bros, Largest Living Things, Yep, Matt Costa, Apex Manor.... :)

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the Boatmen get spread around. Dale and crew can do no wrong and it is an absolute shame that so few know about them. If you are reading this and have not heard The Vulgar Boatmen then drop everything and seek out their three remarkable albums. If you can find their compilation, start with it. Rob from Port Hope, Ontario.

Anonymous said...

This looks like my kinda melancholia but, alas, the link is D.O.A.. I'm gonna go cry now.

Roy Pearl said...

Welcome - and thanks for bringing the dead link to my attention. It's now re-upped with a slightly altered tracklist (major label bands have been deleted).

@ Rob: totally agree. Vulgar Boatmen deserved a far greater audience.