Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A New Mandate

Well, the fuckers have done it again. That last mix got zapped by the RIAA on behalf of one of the four major labels (Sony, Universal, EMI, and Warner), all of whom don't seem to understand that the means of distribution have changed in the internet era. These dumb cunts are so intent on saving a paltry 99 cents from a download that they can't see the obvious benefit of the free and spontaneous dissemination of a portion of their artist's work. These are the same assholes that wanted to prosecute home-taping in the '80s, even while the sheer amount of music sales boomed due to the very existence of that trend.

I want to support bands, but I absolutely do not want to support these greedy and venal major labels. So here's my new mandate: from here on in, if a band is on a major label I will not buy their product nor will I promote their product on this site. I might go see them live - but, then again, if they're on a major they probably won't be worth seeing anyway.

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