Friday, April 6, 2012

Faves of 2012 (Vol. 1)

Anyone who's ever followed this blog knows what to expect on these samplers. The planet has been scoured and sifted in a search for those few nuggets that fit comfortably in my wheelhouse, and that wheelhouse is all about the rock and the roll. Now, my definition of such is admittedly a bit chaotic - rock, power pop, reggae, glam, 60s girl groups, soul, rhythm 'n' blues, Americana, and punk all get squeezed into this same category - but ultimately it all boils down to that sacred truism: it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. And if it makes you swing from the rafters, all the better.

Someday, There's Gonna Be A Revolution

1. One Like Son Start the Show
2. Yukon Blonde Radio
3. Lucero On My Way Downtown
4. Howler Told You Once
5. Crusaders of Love Dreaming
6. Free Energy Electric Fever
7. Spy Island The Punchline
8. The Connection I Think She Digs Me
9. The Afternoons Moving City
10. Foxy Shazam Wasted Feelings
11. Diamond Dogs Lay Me Down on Solid Ground
12. Chuck Prophet Temple Beautiful
13. Prima Donna Puta, Te Amo
14. The Honey Wilders Hey Hey
15. Throwback Suburbia Give and Take
16. Teenage Kicks I Get What You Give
17. Heartless Bastards Parted Ways
18. Alabama Shakes I Ain't The Same
19. The Undecided by Default Way Too Cool
20. Gentleman Jesse Word Gets Around
21. Nude Beach Walkin' Down My Street
22. Minky Starshine Cinematic Mojo
23. The Perms The Mess
24. Cowboy Junkies Fuck, I Hate The Cold


Marshall "Wilder" Brengle said...

Hey man, this is Marshall from The Honey Wilders. Thanks for digging the sound! How did you hear of us?

Roy Pearl said...

Hi Marshall - welcome! I think I first stumbled onto a youtube clip of you guys doing a live version of Mott the Hoople's "Rock 'n' Roll Queen", and a Mott cover IMO is always a signifier of overall band awesomeness. That led to tracking you down on ReverbNation, and quickly favorite-ing "Hey Hey". Since then, I've seen a glowing review of the album on the Absolute Power Pop blog ( I'll eventually try to get my own review up on Pearl Before Swine.

And btw - thanks for the great music!

Kentastic Cakes said...

Minky Starshine is absolutely fantastic. His earlier stuff is pretty amazing too. Been a big fan for a long time.

johnnybgoode said...

First of all, even if the songs sucked, the pic is priceless! Fortunately, the songs are equal to the pic, and it is amazing that I have only heard of like 25% of the bands you picked. I always enjoy your taste in music. Thank you for turning me on to these bands!

Roy Pearl said...

@ Kentastic Cakes - "Womanity" is the first I've heard from Minky Starshine, and it's excellent. Guess I've got some searching ahead of me.

@ johnnybgoode - That's one of the best messages I've ever received on the blog. Thanks!

Stephen said...

This is Stephen Poff of One Like Son. Just stumbled upon this list and was stoked to be "starting the show" ;-). Thanks so much for adding us... hope it was a good lead in for the rest of the bunch!

Roy Pearl said...

Hi Stephen - it's a spectacular lead-in! Thanks for the great music! FYI - I've also started an "Album of the Day" twitter account (140 character mini reviews). Your album: