Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer 2013

These are the best days. Blue skies and sweltering heat, long hours of sunlight, and a warm fleeting assurance that our time is infinite and all things are possible. And these summer mixes try to catch that sense of lazy optimism in an hour (or so) of music. These tunes stretch all over the last 40 years and generally don't land in any one specific genre, although given the established preference of this blog you can assume they lean primarily towards guitar-based poprockwhatever with a little girl group goodness thrown in for variety.

I've included a few vinyl rips from my LP collection here as well. A couple bands, After All and the B-Sides, have almost zero web presence these days. After All was a Vancouver band that only released a single album, How High the Moon (1988), before their lead singer left. The remaining members morphed into a band called Pure, who had some minor success in the 90s. The B-Sides were from Victoria, and spent the early part of the 80s skanking the hell out of every joint they played. They put out the Red to Black LP on Radioactive Records back in 1981, and after that I have no idea what happened to them. Other fairly obscure artists from those early days (like Pagliaro and the Secrets) have been championed by various blogs, so info on them is readily available.

Oh, and ignore the intentional misspellings in the tracklist. It's a new strategy. A lame strategy, but a strategy nonetheless.

Anyway, I hope this mix hits you the way it's been hitting me while lounging on the deck with a frosty martini in hand. Enjoy the heat, everybuddy.

Grab Your Shades and a Bottle of Pop

1. GRMLN Summer Days
2. Imani Copola Sah-Weet (Sweet)
3. The Addies Summertime
4. Free Enrgy Girls Want Rock
5. Sleeper Agent Love Blood
6. American Heartbreak Last of the Superheroes (of the 1970s)
7. The Dahlmans Dumb Me Down
8. Propeller Summer Songs
9. Pagliaro Magic Moments
10. The Allah-Las Busman's Holiday
11. Ryan Powers & the Secret Weapons Mr. Sunshine
12. Jungle Summer Heat
13. River City Rebels Sick Kids
14. Wild Belle Love Like This
15. The Secrets Radio Heart
16. J. Geils Band Give It To Me
17. After All Here I Am Again
18. Matt Costa Good Times
19. Reno Bo You Don't Know
20. Asteroids Galaxy Tour Sunshine Coolin'
21. The Raveonettes Ode to L.A.
22. The B-Sides Bedtime for Ronald

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