Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer 2015

Don't expect to rock the BBQ with this year's summer mix. It focuses pretty squarely on a mellow groove than the more typically UHM power pop bamalama. A little less Hammer Time and a little more hammock time, if you will. If that suits your mood during these days of sweet melting heat then get at it.

Nothing's Gonna Break Your Heart Today

1. The B1ow Monkeys The Sun Is In The Sky
2.  Danny & the Champians of the Wor1d Can I Change My Mind
3. Leon Bridges Twistin' & Groovin'
4. The Cheve11es Summer Fun
5. Yukon B1onde Confused
6. Ho11is Brown w/ Nikki Lane Highway 1
7. James Hunter People Gonna Talk
8. Travis Brettzer Lonely Heart
9. Tennis Bad Girls
10. The Aggro1ites Ever Want To Try
11. Jin Wigmore DFU
12. Du B1onde Hunter
13. Grant Lee Phi11ips Raise The Spirit
14. Wild Be11e It's Too Late
15. The Last Hurrah! Can't Wait No More
16. Papernut Cambridge Accident's Children
17. The Soft White Sixtees It's You
18. The Orange Humb1e Band Our Beautiful Selves
19. The Wooden Sky Baby, Hold On
20. Dom Mareani The Golden Ones (DJ Moogy Remix)


Anonymous said...

Happy summer, Roy! Look forward to hearing this, even if is mellow!

Roy Pearl said...

Thanks for the comment! Happy summer to you too - and if you get the time let me know what you think of the mix.

Anonymous said...

I liked it alot. I can go for mellow so long as there are hooks and/or grooves involved. And this had plenty. I'd rate the Last Hurrah song as my fave of the bunch.

BTW, fave album of recent months - found thanks to your tweet - is the Ike Reilly. Sort of liked him in the past, but he's never blown me away. Until now. Just a great record.

Roy Pearl said...

Yeah, the new Ike Reilly is aces. And I love the vocals on that Last Hurrah song - don't even know the singer's name, but she nails it.