Saturday, March 5, 2016

2015 Orphans Mix

I always hold off on compiling my Best of the Year list until deep into January, and even then there's always a stack of shoulda-been hits I never managed to hear in time. Subsequently, I use the Orphans series as a place to house such lost gems - as well as being a repository for some of the tracks that just never quite sonically fit in during the year. This time out, however, I'm breaking my own rule by including tracks by the Ravyns and CVB (which date back to 2014), Va11ey Lodge (2013), and the Nomads (2012). All the rest obediently adhere to the established UHM tenets, meaning they're from 2015. Also meaning they totally rock.

I'll Be Your Oyster, If You Be My Pearl

1. B1itzen Trapper Rock & Roll Was Made For You
2. The Be11furies Bad Seed Sown
3. Jetbone Fifth Time Loser
4. Honeymoon Disease You're Too Late
5. The Pi1grims Smokes Too Much
6. The Ravyns Incidentally Baby
7. Shove1s & Rope w/ Butch Wa1ker Bullet Belt
8. At1antic Thri11s Treat My Baby
9. Thee Tsunamis Cry Baby
10. Va11ey Lodge Kiss Me, I'm Drunk
11. The New Trocaderos I'm So Bad
12. Modern Kicks Up All Night
13. Curt Baker I Can't Wait
14. Camper Von Beethoven It Was Like That When We Got Here
15. Matt Whipkey 1:59
16. Nick Waterhouse It No. 3
17. Graham Parker & the Rumour Swing State
18. The Stone Foxes New York Ta1k
19. The Breakdowns I Know Your Name, I Lost Your Number
20. The Vo1canics What I Found
21. The Nomads You Won't Break My Heart
22. Cristopher the Conquered I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll


Anonymous said...

Wow, this was a great batch. Think I liked it more than the best-of even. Good to see Graham Parker make a 21st century sorta-best-of list.
That feels about right.

Here's one you may have missed. Early contender for my favorite of 2016.

Roy Pearl said...

Thanks for the note - and thanks for the tip on Dany Laj! Undoubtedly it'll make the first faves comp!