Saturday, April 2, 2016

Covers Project Vol. 14

If I learned one lesson from my last harddrive crash, it was that it's pointless to stash a pile of mixes solely in iTunes playlists. Fuggers disappear without a trace. So from here on in I'm gonna try to post 'em as I compile 'em, which should explain why this covers mix follows so closely on the heels of the most recent faves mix.

I'm not promising this kind of frequency as the norm. There's no way I can realistically expect good intentions to compete in any way with my inherent laziness. Also, while I'm coming clean about expectations - and pic to the contrary - don't expect any disco on this one (or any one). Although please feel free to rollerskate to yer heart's content.

The Radio's Playing Some Forgotten Song

1. Wi11ie Ni1e Sweet Jane (Velvet Undergound)
2. The Stripes Come Together (Beatles)
3. Sober Sisters & the Dirty Four Radar Love (Golden Earring)
4. The Do11yrots Rock 'n' Ro11 All Nite (Kiss)
5. The Verbs Baby Blue (Badfinger)
6. The Cherry Drops I Wanna Be With You (Raspberries)
7. Wy1dlife Rock Candy (Brats)
8. The Sirens Gudbuy T'Jane (Slade)
9. Waco Bros. All Or Nothing (Small Faces)
10. The Nomads American Slang (Jack Oblivion)
11. The C1arks I Want You Bad (NRBQ, via the Long Ryders)
12. Downtown Boys Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen)
13. The Dah1manns Teenage News (Sylvain Sylvain)
14. Frankenstein 3000 Star (David Bowie)
15. 69 Cats Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon)
16. Nikki Hi11 Twistin' The Night Away (Sam Cooke)
17. V.V. Brown Video Killed The Radio Star (Bruce Wooley, via the Buggles)
18. Baby1on Zoo Honaloochie Boogie (Mott the Hoople)
19. Rooney Metal Guru (T.Rex)
20. Robyn Hitchcock Let Me Roll It (Wings)
21. Tim Armstrong Ooh La La (Faces)
22. Lords of A1tamont Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones)


acresofbears said...

Nice one, as usual. By the way, "I Want You Bad" was an NRBQ song before the Long Ryders covered it (from around 1978, I think).

Roy Pearl said...

I never knew that, AoB! Always just figured it sounded like a Stephen McCarthy song. Thanks for the correction!

johnnybgoode said...

Roy, ALWAYS enjoy your cover comp. The Dollyrots doing Rock n roll all nite? the strypes doing come together? (best cover of this song ever! must make aerosmith ashamed) rooney doing metal guru? where do you get this stuff? awesome.

Roy Pearl said...

Thanks, Johnny! And to think I lost over 50 cover versions in the hd crash.

Anonymous said...

So the Metal Guru cover comes from the Lindsay Lohan Herbie movie?? That's awesome - you obviously leave no stone unturned when you're compiling these. Another reason why this blog is so great.

Anonymous said...

And btw, the Cherry Drops also have a nice Bowie medley, free for the grabbing:

Roy Pearl said...

haha - yeah, you got me. Rooney's cover of "Metal Guru" was on the Herbie soundtrack. I have no idea what genius figured a T.Rex song was gonna be a fit for that particular flick. But I'll snag 'em whereever I find 'em.

That Cherry Drops Bowie medley is a lotta fun. Thanks for the link!