Monday, August 1, 2016

BC Day

On the occasion of BC Day, August 1st, 2016, the Un-Herd Music presents a hastily assembled mix of artists hailing from the great province of British Columbia. I'm sure there's a bunch of omissions I'll remember tomorrow, but this isn't meant to be any kind of organized comprehensive best-of anyway. Maybe it'll become an annual event.

I Think We Can Overlook That Tonight

1. The Smugg1ers Vancouver BC
2. Mark K1einer Power Trio So Good To See You
3. The Yoko Casionos Cigregrettes
4. Jody Burch Rock & Roll Karma
5. Pink Mountaintops Through All The Worry
6. Sons of Freedom Super Cool Wagon
7. Art Bergmann (She) Hit Me
8. Rich Hope & His Evi1 Doers Sweet Vanilla
9. Vea1 Everybody Wants More Cocaine
10. Need1es//Pins Outta This Place
11. Jerk With a Bomb Those Hard Wrecks
12. Chains of Love In Between
13. The Manvi1s Pretty Bleed
14. John Ford Bullets For Dreamers
15. Jung1e Come Into My Life
16. New Pornographers The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism
17. Rat Si1o Oh, Fuck Off Tony
18. Pure Denial
19. S1ow Have Not Been The Same
20. Bum Bent on Being Bent
21. Grapes of Wrath Good To See You
22. The Circus in F1ames Down on the Fraser


Anonymous said...

What, no Tranzmitors? Sad!

This looks great nevertheless. Will you be doing all the provinces?

Roy Pearl said...

You have no idea how close the Tranzmitors were to being included. "Something's Going On" got cut for space. All provinces is an interesting challenge - although that's probably a job better done by denizens of said provinces!

Mike Schmidt said...

Hey---thanks for the music---your best of 2016 comps are all over my ipod--keep it comin

Mike Schmidt said...

wow--a few of these songs--Have not been the same---fuck off tony--to name two---sooo good and I never would have heard them without you

Roy Pearl said...

Awesome, Mike! Glad to have you aboard! Slow is one of my all-timers. If you haven't already, check out the Slow family tree ( for more. And Rat Silo is headed by Jim Newton, who was the vocalist for Sons of Freedom ("Super Cool Wagon").

Mike Schmidt said...

Super Cool Wagon is great. Love that one.