Sunday, July 8, 2018

Summer 2018

It's time again for a celebration of summer with a mix that touches on a variety of genres and eras. Some blasts from the past are stirred in with previews from the upcoming Faves mix, all with an ear to being playable among family and/or friends with differing tastes. Unless, that is, you've got family or a friend who likes New Country. I can't help you there, other than to offer condolences.
Having Fun's A Terminal Addiction

1. The Some1oves Sunshine's Glove
2. Coo1 Whip Summer Days
3. The Se1ecter The Big Badoof
4. Ruen Bros. Summer Sun
5. The Bamb00s Lit Up
6. The Br0ken West Hale Sunrise
7. Gin Wigm0re Beatnik Trip
8. Vibro1ush Touch and Go
9. Yukon B1onde Summer in July
10. Meesha & the Spanks Summer Love
11. J. White Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi
12. The L0ve-Birds Gerrit
13. F1ash Bastard Street Fight Summer
14. Bat Fangs Boy of Summer
15. B0ytoy Mary Anne
16. Miss Chain & the Broken Hee1s Let Us Shine
17. The Space M0nkeys Sugar Cane
18. Mans Weis1ander Idiot Sunshine
19. Te1ephone Lovers Gone for the Summer
20. M0rcheeba It's Summertime
21. Beech Day Bffs
22. Shann0n Shaw Goodbye Summer


Anonymous said...

Thanks Roy! Happy Summer!

Roy Pearl said...

Right back atcha, whoever you may be!