Friday, July 4, 2008

An introductory mix

In an attempt to get started on this project I'm putting up this mix. It's full of what I consider perfect summer songs - melodic, punchy, fun, occasionally goofy, with a slight twinge of melancholy - and it gives a pretty good overview of the kind of music that'll be appearing on this blog eventually.


1. Webb Wilder Everyday (I Kick Myself)
2. Limbeck The State
3. The Cryers Shake It Baby
4. Stacie Collins Never Ever
5. Garland Jeffreys Cool Down Boy
6. J. Geils Band Make Up Your Mind
7. Sam Cooke Shake
8. The Jags Here Comes My Baby
9. Madness John Jones
10. The Fleshtones New York City
11. The Heats When You're Mine
12. Blue Rodeo Love & Understanding
13. Rancid Things to Come
14. Diamond Dogs Scunthorpe Avenue
15. The Yum Yums Come On Come On
16. The Presidents of the USA Mixed Up S.O.B.
17. The Flaming Sideburns Slow Down
18. Bash & Pop Tickled to Tears
19. Starz Cherry Baby
20. Drive-by Truckers Like A Rolling Stone

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1 comment:

Dr. Detroit said...

"Cherry Baby" - and in turn Starz - shooda been huge. With a little luck, they could have blown up big like Aerosmith. But they were also under the tutelage of Bill Aucoin who was apparently too busy pushing KISS lunchboxes to grade-school kids to give a crap. Feh...