Saturday, February 7, 2009

E-mongeration Day

This one was commemorating Obama's inauguration... sort of. The first song's date is all wrong. So sue me.

E-Mongeration Day

1. Pat Todd & the Rank Outsiders November 11th
2. Sir Douglas Quintet County Line
3. Ian Hunter Man O' War
4. The Leroi Bros. Are You With Me Baby (Say Yeah)
5. The Eastside Suicides Booker T. Projects
6. Go To Blazes Why I Drink
7. The Stalkers Let's Get It Together
8. The Black And Whites Multiple Girls
9. The Chevelles Stacey Loves Cocaine
10. Stevie Klasson White Line Fever
11. Tommy Womack Tough
12. Solarbaby Sixteen Years
13. Crash Street Kids Cigarettes and Starfuckers
14. Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction Prime Mover
15. The Diamond Dogs I'll Drink To Ya
16. Art Bergmann The Junkie Don't Care
17. X Hothouse
18. The Figgs Fucks Off
19. The Lazy Cowgirls Baby, You Gotta Be Shittin' Me
20. The Hold Steady Hostile, Mass.
21. Dogs D'Amour Back On The Juice
22. The Malakas Satan Song


PDX Chica said...

How did I not know you had a blog? Sneaky, sneaky!

Nokenicus said...

Hola, pasando a saludar y tambien para invitarte a que pases y veas mi blog a ver si encuentras algo de tu agrado y si te gusta intercambiemos enlaces, una suerte de fucionar dendritas o algo asi diria yo,je.
Saludos y hasta la proxima.

Roy Pearl said...

PDX Chica - it's not quite a blog yet, but I welcome such a sexy readership. ;)

Nokenicus - Tengo gusto de su blog. Gracias por el mensaje.