Saturday, April 11, 2009

Midtempo Monger Vol. III

On The 3rd Day He Mongered Again

1. The Clovers Rotten Cocksucker's Ball
2. Collin Wade Monk I Need A Woman
3. Joe "King" Carrasco & the Crowns Let's Go Nutz
4. The Right Ons That's New York
5. The Dead Trees Shelter
6. The Smoke Bloody Orange
7. The Farmers Impressed
8. Pat Todd & the Rank Outsiders Where Is She Now?
9. Tommy Womack Alpha Male And The Canine Mystery Blood
10. The Motherhips White Headphones
11. Thunder Express Feed My Dreams
12. The Inmates Sweet Rain
13. Heavy Stereo Deja Voodoo
14. The Circus In Flames Down On The Fraser
15. Chris Mills Crooked Vein
16. The Malakas I Met A Girl At N.A.
17. The Damwell Betters Your C*** Is Killing Me
18. Scott Miller Heart In Harm's Way
19. Dirk Hamilton Walk On Lake George
20. Purple Wizard Puffy Rap

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