Friday, May 22, 2009

Slowcore Vol. IV

The slowcore series has been going for a while now. This is music for the wee small hours of the morning, either while getting up or while coming down. Head full of regret, stomach full of Advil, rear-view mirror full of nothing but wrong turns - then throw on some slowcore and... wallow.


Slowcore Monger Vol. IV
1. Greg Brown Whatever It Was
2. Terry Boylan Subterranean Homesick Blues
3. Chris Cacavas The Crying Shame
4. Frankie Miller Baton Rouge
5. Bob Forrest Memphis
6. Goodman County Drugstore Wine
7. Ian Hunter Silver Needles
8. Pat Todd & the Rank Outsiders Your Heart, Your Soul, & Your Ass
9. The Circus In Flames The Cuckoo
10. Beads Queen Anne
11. Four Hours Sleep Original Lover
12. Tim Easton Stones Throw Away
13. The Cinders Snow
14. Mick Flannery Safety Rope
15. Genya Ravan Junkman
16. Chris Mills Signal/Noise


PDX Chica said...

Listening now... always curious to hear what you put together.

Canada Viagra said...

hahahahahah! what is it?? sorry for my laugh . I do not know what is the meaning of this photo, if you can help me, will be great!

rrr said...

the link is down, reupload?

Roy Pearl said...

@rrr - link re-upped. Thanks for pointing that out for me!