Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wet Winter Holiday mix

I don't really do autumn and spring. To me, it's either summer or winter - that inbetweeny stuff is for fence sitters and committment-phobes. So in that spirit, here's a new mix perfect for the upcoming cold 'n' nasties.

The mood here is melancholy, but it's not weepy acoustic folkie melancholy. This is essentially a companion piece to the "Allergic To Fun" punky poppish etc. mix from last summer - lots of guitar jangle 'n' fuzz, melody, and momentum - but the key here is a distinct note of sadness for those winter blahs.

There's no rhyme or reason behind the bands picked; they come from many eras and genres. Lead-off track "Now It's On" is a great track from a few years ago, even though everything else that particular band has done has left me cold. Gidget's Ga Ga, Philadelphia Grand Jury, the Modern Station, the Tomorrows, and Raveonettes are some faves from this year. Teenage Fanclub, Sammy, the Odds, and Material Issue are starting to feel like transmissions from an ancient world. The others are a grabbag from the last few years. Or so. Pretty much all of it deserved a much greater audience.

Wet Winter Holiday

1. Grandaddy Now It's On
2. Teenage Fanclub Sparky's Dream
3. Junior Panthers California
4. Attic Lights Bring You Down
5. Javier Escovedo Tonight Is Gonna Be Better
6. Gidget's Ga Ga Dreamer
7. Ambershades Clap Clap Clap
8. The Raveonettes Breaking Into Cars
9. Philadelphia Grand Jury Wet Winter Holiday
10. The Modern Station Evangelina
11. The Redwalls Love Her
12. The Oranges Band White Ride
13. Planet Melvin Chromacolor Dream
14. Sammy Neptune Ave. (Ortho Hi Rise)
15. The Mayflies USA The Greatest Thing
16. The Odds Eat My Brain
17. The Breakers Tried So Hard
18. Material Issue Ordinary Girl
19. Watts One Below (The All Time Low)
20. The Tomorrows Don't Worry About Me
21. Ice Cream Hands Weak At The Knees

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Anonymous said...

Megaupload got shut down... could you please post this to Mediafire?

Roy Pearl said...

Hi Johnny Lurg - I'll get around to re-upping as soon as I can. Thanks for asking!