Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Mix

Just a quickly assembled, oddball mix meant as something that can be played while a group of family and friends devour multiple birds, told from the POV of the bird.

This one's mostly mellow, oozing a kind of late-night vibe. Y'know, that twilight moment, walking rain-slicked streets reflecting the flash of neon light from surrounding bars and hotels of ill-repute - the natural habitat of the domestic turkey.

Of course, I'm not above abandoning my own theme just to include a completely unrelated song that I happen to dig. Like Luke Doucet's "Cleveland", for instance, tossed in just because the ambience fits (and the fact I just totally love the extended guitar solo during the coda). Likewise the Kid Koala song, which is some of the most amazing turntablism I've ever heard, but absolutely nothing to do with a turkey in any way whatsoever.

Actually, forget I ever said anything about a turkey.

Consider The Chicken

1. Ivor Cutler Questionaire
2. Chuck Prophet The Hurting Business
3. The XX Teardrops
4. Heavy Trash Isolation
5. AM Darker Days
6. Diane Birch Fools
7. Marykate O'Neil Traffic Jam
8. The Ettes Modern Game
9. P. Hux Do Ya
10. J. Roddy Walston & the Business The Times Are A-Staying
11. Panurge Sweet Fannie Annie
12. Luke Doucet & White Falcon Cleveland
13. Grant-Lee Phillips Buried Treasure
14. Jersey Budd Shotgun Times
15. Loveless You Wore Me Out
16. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll
17. Morphine Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer
18. Portishead Revenge of the Number
19. Kid Koala Drunk Trumpet
20 Zero 7 Swing


PDX Chica said...

It was a perfect mix!

Anonymous said...

Hey man...the door was open and I stumbled in. Glad I did as this will make the upcoming Tday just about right. Thanks.