Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello My Name Is Mix (vol. 3)

The third volume in a series I never thought could get this far. This time there's a couple of slight cheats involved, as I've included two fictional characters. For those of you out there playing the home game, Gladys Kravitz was the nosy neighbor in the old Bewitched series, and Erica Kane was (possibly still is) Susan Lucci's character on whatever daytime soap she's on. And yes, I take a small bit of pride in the fact that I don't know which soap.

Musically, it hews closely to the previous volumes, meaning lots of pop punk amid quirky indie and even a few noo wave oldies.

Hello My Name Is... Vol. 3

1. intro (courtesy of Andy Clockwise)
2. Urge Overkill Erica Kane
3. The Riffbrokers Roy Orbison
4. Binge Anna Kournikova
5. The Gay Blades Mick Jagger
6. Arkells John Lennon
7. Chixdiggit! Koo Stark
8. The Dollyrots Jackie Chan
9. The Adorkables Christina Ricci
10. Betty & the Werewolves David Cassidy
11. The Badamps Scarlett Johansson
12. The Successful Failures Niki Zerenberg
13. Discipulos de Dionisos Traci Lords
14. The Tories Gladys Kravitz
15. Wreckless Eric Joe Meek
16. The Young Jacques Jacques Cousteau
17. Human Sexual Response Jackie Onassis
18. The Jazz Butcher Shirley MacLaine
19. The So So Glos Fred Astaire
20. The Major Labels Richard Randolph
21. Casey Spooner Faye Dunaway
22. Roadside Graves Liv Tyler
23. Thee Jenerators Georgie Best
24. Half Hour To Go John Glenn
25. Corduoroy Jan Michael Vincent


Anonymous said...

for your next volume may i suggest The Boo Radleys 'Butterfly McQueen'

Anonymous said...

NICE! I'd suggest The Hoodoo Gurus' GENE HACKMAN!!

Roy Pearl said...

Great suggestions! Already have that Hoodoo Gurus song compiled. Thanks!

jonder said...

Hello! I found your blog while searching for Thelonious Monster. I like a lot of the bands you post here. I am a big fan of You Am I (they are coming back to the USA in September!) Somewhere out there is a song called "Bob Stinson" by the Bomb Pops. I've never been able to find it, but maybe you will succeed where I have failed. Keep up the great compilation posts!

Roy Pearl said...

Thanks for the suggestion, jonder - I'll keep an eye out for it. And welcome to the blog!