Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sick of Waiting for the Sun

Even though the climate in my part of the world is resisting the fact, it's pretty much summer right now, which means a stack o' sun-worshiping mixes will be uploaded in the next number of weeks. This first one out of the gate is crammed full of power pop and, as much as the interweb disagrees about the definition of that particular term, this mix accurately defines what I think it is. And I am, of course, correct on the matter. So if you're a fan of the 3 minute bubblegummy, windows-down, pop/rock confection, you may have just found your nirvana. Now, if only that damn sun would just come out.

Sick of Waiting for the Sun

1. Skybombers I Could Tell You Something
2. Oh Mercy Can't Fight It
3. The Killjoys Soaked
4. Silver Sun High Times
5. Cirrone All I Know
6. The ACB's Keys In The Car
7. Last Days of April I Can't Control It
8. The Chevelles C'mon Everybody
9. Smash Palace Somebody Up There Likes Me
10. Barely Pink Baby A.M.
11. Mother Hips White Falcon Fuzz
12. The Runarounds Cellophane's Girl
13. Successful Failures All I Can Take
14. Chixdiggit I Remember You
15. Per Gessle Reporter
16. Kwyet Kings Radiated By Your Charm
17. Sun Wizard Safe and Sound
18. Locksley Let Me Know
19. Everybody Else Without You
20. Postelles 123 Stop
21. The Ex-Gentlemen Oh Mona
22. Sweet Water Superstar
23. Throwback Suburbia Head Over Heels
24. The Biters Rock 'n' Roll Loser


biopunk said...

Yes. More sun, more summery sounds!

Another great mix, Roy. Lots of 'new-to-me' bands on this one, so thanks, again, for broadening my musical horizons!

Have you ever thought of doing an all soul covers post? That would be sweet.


Roy Pearl said...

All soul covers? That DEFINITELY has merit. Do you mean rock songs re-made by soul artists, or soul songs re-made by rock artists?

And thanks for the comment, biopunk! Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding mix. Love the Power Pop and perfect for this time of year. It's 90 today where I live in the midwest!

Keep it up. Great blog.


biopunk said...


Soul songs re-made by rock artists would be easier, but rock songs re-made by soul artists has appeal...

Off the top of my head, all that comes to mind is 'Ace of Spades' by Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves