Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Under Attack by Anonymous

There used to be a Faves of 2011 post in this spot. It was taken down today, May 24th, without my consultation even though there was no active link or any kind of copyright violation.

Anyone with a brain can see that this blog is an attempt to bring exposure to bands and artists that I feel have been unfairly neglected. I don't put up whole albums, just mixes of songs that I like.
I'm not about to make an argument against the charge of copyright violation, but I believe it's on the same level as home taping used to be in the '80s. I know for a fact that over the years many bands have sold albums directly because of the exposure from my mixes (in one memorable case, a couple went out and bought albums by every band on the mix) - it doesn't make it right, but it does suggest there's more going on here than simple piracy.

And if you don't agree that's fine. If you don't want your song on one of these mixes, then please contact me directly (email in my profile) and I'll simply remove it.

And, finally, to the anonymous complainant: please identify yourself so that I can never support your band or the band you "represent" ever again. It's unfair to the other artists that may want the exposure for you to assume they all share your intolerance.


People Are Leaving said...

What the hell?!?

Roy Pearl said...

What the hell, indeed. Pretty sure I've found the culprit, and will not be mentioning that band ever again.

Brushback said...

Most blogs go through this at some point or another -- if you want to see the list of who the "complainers" are, all of the DMCA takedown notices are listed here:


Also, if you contact whomever the complaint came through (either Blogger or the company that hosts your files), they're supposed to tell you who made the complaint.

Roy Pearl said...

I've been to that Chilling Effects site. It's not quite up-to-date - even today the last listed complaint is May 16th. So it'll take a while longer before this particular one appears. But thanks for the info, Brushback. It's appreciated!