Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer 2012

Got a feeling you're gonna have to nab this one fast, because I decided to compile it the old fashioned way, meaning it's full of tracks I like regardless of era, label, hipster cache or genre. Like all my summer mixes, these aren't necessarily songs about summer - just songs that feel like summer. It's pretty laid back this time out, and with any luck there'll be no artists annoyed to be on it. In fact, I'm hoping they'd download it themselves and feel pretty awesome about being included among such stellar tunes. But we'll see about that... like I said, get it quick.

Keepin' Summer Spirit Alive

1. The Feedbacks Keepin' Summer Spirit Alive
2. Fancey Rock 'n' Roll Rhythm
3. The Breakdowns Summertime Twist
4. The Aggrolites Feelin' Alright
5. Yukon Blonde Oregon Shores
6. Gizelle Smith & the Mighty Mocambos The Time Is Right For Love
7. The Semis Fun in the Sun
8. Pagliaro Lovin' You Ain't Easy
9. Nick Waterhouse Indian Love Call
10. The Ashes Somebody (Come and Shake Me)
11. Miles Nielsen The Grain
12. Electric Guest This Head I Hold
13. Audra Mae & the Almighty Sound Smokin' The Boys
14. The Long Beach Dub All-Stars Sunny Hours
15. Aimee Mann Charmer
16. Hans Rotenberry & Brad Jones Count On Me
17. Asa Why Can't We
18. Imani Coppola Raindrops from the Sun
19. Jet Electro Buckle Up
20. Mink Deville Spanish Stroll
21. The Stompers Coast to Coast
22. Jimmy Cliff Outsider
23. The Lordz Uh Oh
24. The Format Dead End


Dana Thomas said...

Glad you refined it to your liking! Looking forward to listening to it.

johnnybgoode said...

havent been here for a while - good to be back. I am still hoping for faves of 2012 vol 2! - otherwise i have no clue what is the latest going on in the music world...

Roy Pearl said...

Welcome back, johnnybgoode! Faves 0f 2012 Vol. 2 will be up in the next day or two - just in the process of double-checking label affiliations. Stay tuned!