Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Faves of 2012 (vol. 2)

Devil horns, bitches! Even at the Summer Olympics the people wanna rock out with their jocks out. And speaking of which, it's time for the next batch of my absolute faves of the year and this one features some of the most awesome new bands I've come across in a looong while.

In the upcoming weeks I'll try to get rave reviews up on the Pearl Before Swine blog for albums by Needles//Pins, Archie Powell & the Exports, Budokan, Nick Waterhouse, White Wires, Living Deadbeats, and a number of others - all of them easy candidates for end-of-the-year Top 20 honors - but in the meantime check out the tunes on this sampler and see if they don't make you wanna jump in water and synchronize your splashing with a soggy gal pal, devil horns held aloft. Or, y'know, some similar display of excitement.

We're Gonna Do More Than That

1. Devin I Don't Think I
2. Archie Powe11 & the Exports Metronome
3. Chris Devotion & the Expectations Tell The Girl
4. Budokan Saint Joan
5. Natura1 Child 8 AM Blues
6. Gary B & the Notions The Surfin' Song
7. Riverboat Gamb1ers Loser Neck
8. Smash Pa1ace Living It Lonely
9. Hacienda Let Me Go
10. Mind Spiders Beat
11. The Successful Fai1ures Turn It Down
12. Imperia1 State Electric Uh Huh
13. Chris Richards & the Subtractions It's Something
14. Diamond Rugs Call Girl Blues
15. Nick Waterhouse Is That Clear
16. Cheep Time Another Time
17. Living Deadbeats Evil Hearted Blues
18. Turbonegro Shake Your Shit Machine
19. The Henry C1ay People Backseat of a Cab
20. The Hangmen Betrayed
21. The Roya1ty How I Like 'Em
22. Need1es//Pins Drop It
23. Mother's Chi1dren Don't Go Too Far
24. White Wires It's Been A While
25. Mean Jeans Don't Stop Partying
26. Zachary James Fuck For Tomorrow


johnnybgoode said...

I am really looking forward to this! Thanks

Roy Pearl said...

Let me know what you think, johnnybgoode. Right now, White Wires, Needles//Pins, Archie Powell, and Devin are slaying me - but there isn't a single song that doesn't rock my world on some level.

Anonymous said...

Don't think I've heard of any of these but I'll trust your judgement which has always been spot on. Many thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this a little early? There's still over a month left in 2012? What if the best album comes out in December? (or even next week!)

Roy Pearl said...

Not early at all. These are just compilations of some of my favorite songs throughout the year. The UHM best-of-the-year will be up in January.

ringoslovechild said...

Not feelin' the love with Mediafire on this one either. Thanks.

Roy Pearl said...

Mediafire sucks balls. Re-upped the mix - check the link again.