Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer 2014

This year's summer mix comes when there's not much summer left. Suffice to say, life has been considerably too busy to enjoy the sun as much as the little guy above. This mix is the usual sweltering smorgasbord of different eras and genres, and should work nicely for those last few pool parties - or even for that first hint of Fall. Summer's coming ----> summer's gone.

There's No Need To Be An Asshole

1.  Adam Danie1 Summer's Coming
2.  James Younger Quiet Life
3.  Pa1ma Violets California Sun
4.  Si1ver Sun Last Day
5.  Beach Day Walking On The Streets
6.  Bedouin Soundc1ash When The Night Feels My Song
7.  Brownsvi1le Station Go Out And Get Her
8.  The Vio1et Archers Time To Kill
9.  Ween Flutes Of Chi
10. The Zutons Valerie
11. Pa1oma Faith Taste My Own Tears
12. The Mounties Tokyo Summer
13. Dead Professiona1 Hold Back
14. Happiness Great Minds Think Alike, All Brains Taste The Same
15. Ted Leo + the Pharmacists Already Too Late
16. Auburn Day Dreamin'
17. Foxygn No Destruction
18. The F1eshtones Tear For Tear
19. Average Times Summer Nights
20. Nikki & the Corvettes Summertime Fun
21. The Lo1as Having A Party
22. Phonagraph Waiting For The Sun
23. Chrissy Hynde You Or No One
24. The Proper Ornaments Summer's Gone


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another stellar playlist.
It's like a holiday in musicblogland whenever you post something.

Roy Pearl said...

Thanks for the thought AND the comment. Sometimes it feels like I'm throwing these things into a void, so it's great to know that at least one person is enjoying 'em!

In the meantime, new faves, monger, and theme mixes on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to them all, Roy.
Hope you get more comments - you deserve them. Your playlists usually get me to buy music from artists I'd otherwise never would have heard of - so they're benefiting from your work too.

Roy Pearl said...

Cool. That's what I'm hoping for, and that's the way it's always worked for me too. Hear a song on someone's mix that leads to a new favorite band.