Friday, December 19, 2014

Faves of 2014 (Vol. 3)

I've been seeing a pile of Best of 2014 lists, and they all seem to offer a puzzling consensus on what are supposed to be the best albums of the year. Predictably enough, very few of them are part of the Un-Herd universe. So while the members of the mainstream (and mainstream indie as defined by the likes of Pitchfork - I mean, at this stage of the game, is there any notable difference between the two?) suck on each others' faces, I'll just continue on as the uninvited third wheel, promoting the unfairly neglected... or the gloriously ignored, depending on how you want to look at it. And, as always, there's lots to sort through before I attempt a UHM Best of the Year. Keep an eye out, though - it's coming.

We Got A Good Thing Going

1. Jamee T Zombie
2. Cowbe11 Change Her Ways
3. Ex Hex How You Got That Gir1
4. The Pau1 & John Long Way Back
5. Linus of Ho11ywood Don't Fuck It Up
6. Shove1s & Rope Coping Mechanism
7. Litt1e Jackie Lose It
8. King Tuff Eddie's Song
9. Broncho C1ass Historian
10. LVL UP Annie's a Witch
11. Mote1 Beds Smoke Your Homework
12. The Soft White Sixties You Are Go1d
13. Mathew Ryan Suffer No More
14. Ming City Rockers I Wanna Get Out of Here But I Can't Take You Anywhere
15. Doug Gi11ard On Target
16. The Vase1ines Crazy Lady
17. Team Spirit Teenage Heart
18. James Wi11iamson w/ Richmond S1uts Wet My Bed
19. Watts Rocks
20. Sing1e Mothers Money
21. The Jeanies The Girl's Gonna Go
22. Eight Rounds Rapid Dostoevsky
23. The Popguns If You Ever Change Your Mind
24. The Grates What's Wrong With You


Anonymous said...


Have you heard the latest by the Tripwires - "Get Young"? My pick for best of '14.

Also enjoying the self-titled album by The Jeanies. Check 'em out!

Anonymous said...

D'Oh! Jeanies are right there in your playlist. So guess I was right...

Roy Pearl said...

Thanks for the tip on the Tripwires! I hadn't heard of 'em.

Roy Pearl said...


For the few of you who read and make comments, here's a 10 track sampler of some tunes that got left off the year's fave mixes.

1. Actual Water "Power Pop Radio" 2. The Ricky C Quartet "Back to Melbourne" 3. Straight Arrows "Without Ya" 4. Scruffy the Cat "Love Song #9" 5. Dirty Lungs "Woman" 6. Ike Reilly "Hangin' Around" 7. Nikki Sudden "Black Satin Suit" 8. Paul Collins "I Need My Rock n' Roll" 9. Cymbals Eat Guitars "Jackson" 10. The Wooden Sky "Baby, Hold On"

Happy Holidays, and all the best for 2015!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Thanks! Happy Holidays, and a great '15 to you too!

colleyc said...

Love your cover art!!!

Theabs06 said...

Thanks for the great comps Roy! Happy New Year to you!

spinaltap50 said...

I really appreciate the various mixes and compilations that you create. My musical tastes are far more in line with what you present than with the mainstream. There is so much excellent music out there that can easily slip under the radar. You do a great service to both the artists and your readers by bringing us together so we have an opportunity to connect. Thanks very much.

Roy Pearl said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I'll be posting the UHM Best of 2014 in the next couple weeks.