Saturday, December 12, 2015

Faves of 2015 Vol. 3

I lost a lot in 2015: friends, friends' loved ones, my pet, and my hard drive. The hard drive was the least significant, of course, but its crash destroyed a number of mixes and random music that I'd planned to post here. I've managed to cobble together a final volume of 2015 faves - and I only wish those other losses were as easy to replace. Take care out there, everybody.

I Wouldn't Do It Different, I'd Just Do It All Again

1. Simon Love (****) Is A Dirty Word
2. Lucero Can't You Hear Them How1
3. Simi Stone Bitches F1y
4. Dan Ke11y Never Stop The Rot
5. Sweet Spirit Rebe1 Rebe1
6. Josh Ritter Where The Night Goes
7. Bott1e Rockets Monday
8. Wreck1ess Eric Several Shades of Green
9. Shi1pa Ray Johnny Thunders Fanstasy Space Camp
10. The Kickback Scorched Earth Brouhaha
11. Young Riva1 Interior Light
12. Terra Lightfoot Home To You
13. Beach S1ang Hard Luck Kid
14. Jesse Ma1in Whitestone City Limits
15. Vidunder Gone With Dawn
16. Spoon I've Been Good Too Long
17. The Libertines Gunga Din
18. Thunderbitch Eastside Party
19. You Am I Buzz The Boss
20. Summer Twins Juju
21. Sugar Sugaar Strange
22. Ho11y Go1ight1y & the BrokeOffs Coulda Shoulda Woulda
23. Andra Dey Gin & Juice (Let Go My Hand)
24. Rooni Roses


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Roy! In an average year, losing your hard drive is traumatic enough. A year where that's the least of your worries - well, that's a terrible year. Believe in cycles, and look forward to a big rebound in '16. Thanks for continuing with this blog through all your troubles - hope it's a fun distraction for you as it is for us here on the other side.

Mike Schmidt said...