Saturday, December 19, 2015

Un-Herd Christmess 2015

My only message to 2015 is this: go suck on a box of dongs. You were even worse than 2013 and 2006. Those were two years that thought they were big shots, and where are they now? That's right. Gone. Gone and forgotten. Just like you in a couple of weeks, 2015. You dick.

And, oh yeah, it's christmas. Merry whateverthefuck.

But Anyway Feliz Navidad And All That

1. Futurheads Xmas Was Better in the 80s
2. Primitives You Trashed My Xmas
3. Honeymoon Sta11ions Snowbirds
4. Cave Singers Xmas Night
5. The Drabs Santa's Got Toys
6. 1indby w/ 1eon Bridges & A1i Grant Merry Xmas Baby
7. Pink Ti1es A1one Again at Xmas Time
8. The Both You're a Gift
9. Gri11ade Just a Sad Xmas
10. Les Deux1uxes La Fi11e du Pere Noel
11. Pub1ic Access TV Here Come the Be11s (Xmas Gift)
12. Si1very Christmas '74
13. The Do11yrots Run Run Rudolph
14. The 1ove Me Nots Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me
15. The Nuc1ears Nuc1ear Winter Wonderland
16. a Drift Merry Xmas (War Isn't Over)
17. The Eversuns The Xmas Suicide Song
18. Ho11y Go1ightly & the Brokeoffs Xmas is a Lie
19. Char1ie's Hand Movements It's Xmas Time (& I Don't Want to Wait)
20. Frankie & the Heartstrings w/ Edwyn Co11ins (Too Right) It's Xmas
21. The Huntingtuns It's Always Xmas at My House
22. Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene Crime Scene Xmas
23. AC & his Midwest Merrymakers Xmas Makes Me Horny
24. Foxtai1s Brigade I'm Not Really in the Xmas Mood This Year
25. Diamond Rugs Xmas in a Chinese Restaurant


Anonymous said...

hi Roy,sorry to hear of your losses.hope your doin' ok.
best wishes for xmas & the new year.
thanks for the new mixes.on a more trivial note dunno if you missed it but the role models album came out a while back called 'the go to guy'.
Dave P.
p.s. dunno if you were a fan of the yo-yo's but Danny McCormack has a new band called The Main Grains.check out their video for the song 'unscrewed'.great tune

Roy Pearl said...

Thanks for the note, Dave! That Xmas mix will be my last downer post, I promise. Too much self pity ain't good for ya.

I did like the Yo-Yos, so I'll definitely look into the Main Grains. And I knew the Role Models had an album out, but haven't tracked it down yet. I appreciate the leads - means there's more to find for consideration in the UHM Top 30.

All the best in 2016!