Sunday, November 6, 2016

Faves of 2016 (Vol. 3)

Teetering on the very brink of societal collapse tends to put me a little on edge. If you're feeling the same, then maybe this is the time to appreciate a small sprinkling of good vibes in the form of another Faves mix.

This one's been a long time coming, so you know it's crammed full of the best of what I've found out there. It also breaks my primary, if arbitrary, rule of keeping the running time down to what fits on a CDR: it's one minute over, for those who care. That means you'll have to customize your burn by deleting your least fave track. I have to admit, I'm kind of curious what that would be. Use the comments if you feel like volunteering that info (regardless of whether or not you use the primitive technology of CDs) .

In the meantime, let's all try to stay on the same side.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

1. The Dah1manns P1ay It (On Repeat)
2. Te1ephone Lovers Downtown Girl
3. S1ick! Mother Fucker!
4. Pa1e Lips Doo Wah Diddy Shim Sham Shimmy (Bama Lama Loo)
5. The F1eshtones Rick Wakeman's Cape
6. Dot Dash The Infinite
7. The Richmond S1uts I Wanna Know
8. The Loved How Do You Fall In Love
9. Steve Adamnyk Band Broken Arms
10. The Legal Matters Short Term Memory
11. Cymba1s Eat Guitars Wish
12. Luke Hanes Marc Bolan B1ues
13. C.R.X Ways to Fake It
14. Margaret G1aspy You and I
15. Bosco Rogers The Midd1e
16. The Ro1e Mode1s The Ditch
17. Ginger St James Hair of the B1ackdog
18. Nik Waterhouse The Old P1ace
19. Somerdale The Coolest Kid in the Room
20. A1ejandro Escovedo Shave the Cat
21. Fashionism Subcu1ture Suicide
22. Night Schoo1 Last Disaster
23. Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms Watch Me Explode
24. Sweet Thangs Love to Leave
25. Belleville Looking For My Place
26. Car Seat Hedrest Drunk Drivers/Ki11er Whales


Anonymous said...

Thanks Roy! Gonna listen tonight while I sweat out this horrific election! Will report back!

johnnybgoode said...

Hi Roy I commend you on your tactful response to the (at this point upcoming) election. We are indeed all on the same side. Half of us are not assholes for our vote, and most of us visit music blogs to hear about Music, not receive a political diatribe intended to insult half of the readers. Speaking of Music, I an excited to hear the latest set, but for song title alone, "Rick Wakeman's Cape" wins my best title vote.

Eddie said...

Not gonna tell my least fave because that'd hurt someone's feelings if they saw it. But these are good picks. Hope vol 4 has my fave 3 of the year- 1) greg pope- new beginning 2) ulysses - law and order 3) nick piunti- dumb it down

Roy Pearl said...

Eddie - thanks for the tip, because I didn't know about new albums by Greg Pope and Ulysses. Recently heard the Hunter debut ("Dead End") as well - and that one's probably going Top 10 in the UHM Best of 2016. Also missed Hey Hello. I guess there's a bunch of early additions to the inevitable 2016 Orphans mix.