Monday, December 19, 2016

Un-Herd Christmess 2016

2015 may have been a year of personal catastrophe, but 2016 aimed its hurt at everyone. In terms of music we lost an astounding amount of artists, and in terms of global politics we've collectively turned the corner towards some very dark times. All of which explains why this year it felt a little superficial to post a bunch of novelty Xmas tunes. Instead I've compiled a mix of bittersweet songs (some from 2016, most from whenever) with, ultimately, a message of hope. Stay warm out there, my friends.

Life's About Changes

1. Find1ay Brown Everybody Needs Love
2. Is1ands Christmas Tree
3. Butch Wa1ker Can We Just Not Talk About Last Night
4. Chuck Proffet Tell Me Anything
5. Chris Mi11s All's Well That Ends
6. Attic Lites Winter On
7. Tim Easten Killing Time
8. Secrat Sisters I Cannot Find A Way
9. La Rocca Ripping Down
10. Pernice Bros. Let That Show
11. Izzie Bizzu Lost Paradise
12. The Breakers If You Need Someone
13. Over the Rhine Last Night On Earth Again
14. Shove1s & Rope w/ JD McPherson Nothing Takes The Place of You
15. Justin Townes Ear1e Slippin' and Slidin'
16. Cash Bros. Night Shift Guru
17. Belleville Universe
18. Mark Sandman Patience
19. Push Starz Drunk Is Better Than Dead
20. Driveby Truckers Everybody Needs Love


Christopher tm said...



Anonymous said...

Roy - Hope your holidays and new year are better than expected.
This little blog of yours really does spread some happiness - it's
an education and sends me out to support artists I otherwise wouldn't
even know existed. And the shittier things get out there, the more the
music helps.

Mike Schmidt said...

thanks for this

MCap said...

Hi Roy,
Thank you for the inclusion, sir. Much appreciated. May 2017 bring us hearth and yes, a missive burning with optimism's flames. We need it.

Roy Pearl said...

Pleasure's all mine, MCap! Love all your songs, but "Universe" is probably my favorite. It just keeps sounding better as the years roll on. The upcoming year will be a little easier to handle if every comment pays homage to XTC (or one's personal equivalent).

People Are Leaving said...

Thank you, Roy. Good to know. I really do appreciate it!

As for the XTC reference, I've used that expression for so long, I had forgotten it was a track on prolly my favorite Partridge/Moulding platter, Black Sea. Maaaaan, old age.