Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer 2017

As always, the summer mix is an opportunity for me to juxtapose all manner of interests, eras, and genres into a (possibly) cohesive whole that can be enjoyed by the typically diverse collective of revelers found mingling at a backyard BBQ or pool party. In other words, a crowd pleaser. At least, that's how I explain a mix that moves from punk to hillbilly to Lady Meatdress and back. Does it work? For me, yeah, totally. But - with a hat tip towards cosmic irony and sideways Replacements lyrics - I've found over time that the mixes most intended to please a crowd are the ones most likely not to (... if it's any consolation, I don't begin to understand it).

I just do what I do. Enjoy the summer, y'all.

 We Can Get Drunk and Try to Kiss Girls

1. Vio1a Beach Swings and Waterslides
2. Jordy B1rch Fun Machine
3. B1eached Flipside
4. Sp00n Hot Thoughts
5. Ranc1d Where I'm Going
6. Sam Ca5h & the Romantic Dogs That Was The Summer
7. Queens of the 5tone Age Make It Wit Chu
8. DMThree Show You
9. Litt1e Jackie One Love
10. The G0urds Hooky Junk
11. Everybody E1se Without You
12. The Primitons Don't Go Away
13. The Velveteens Don't Ya Feel Better?
14. Switchf00t Dancin' in the Moonlight
15. The Frightnrs Gotta Find a Way
16. Jesse Ma1in Meet Me at the End of the World
17. Greg Wickhem Waterfall
18. Gaga Come to Mama
19. 1zzy Bizu Hello Crazy
20. B1ack Grape Shake Your Money
21. Lost Ba11oons Hey Summer
22. Misty Mi11er Happy

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