Sunday, August 13, 2017

Back in 1999

The next Faves mix is taking a little long to compile, so how about biding the time with a little 90s nostalgia? I've tried to stay away from the obvious choices - not much in the way of grunge or Madchester represented - although, if you're a follower of this blog I imagine it's all pretty predictable. This is in no way meant to be construed as a Best-Of. Just a bunch of stuff I've barely listened to in the last *cough* twenty years *cough* or so. Maybe it'll hit the spot for you too.

Back in 1999

1. The Pooh Sticks Let The Good Times Roll
2. Redd Kross Switchblade Sister
3. E1astica Vaseline
4. Terrorvision Oblivion
5. Ween Ocean Man
6. Sponge My Baby Said
7. Sweet Water Superstar
8. James Ha11 Back Stabbing
9. Heatmiser Get Lucky
10. Throwing Muses Not Too Soon
11. De1 Amitri Not Where It's At
12. Gene Sick, Sober, and Sorry
13. The Prissteens Beat You Up
14. Heavy Stereo Cartoon Moon
15. Adam Danie1 Her Shake
16. Peter Case Dream About You
17. Too Much Joy Thanksgiving in Reno
18. Denim The Great Pub Rock Revival
19. Aimie Mann I Should've Known
20. Bandit Queen Miss Dandys
21. Imperia1 Teen Yoo Hoo
22. Le Tigre Deceptacon
23. Bicyc1e Wilderbeast
24. John Oszajca Back in 1999


Anonymous said...

Normally I'd be wary of a 90s comp, but I see some good stuff here. Elastica. Too Much Joy. Prissteens. The best Throwing Muses track. And Denim! I loved the first lp, and didn't even know there was a second one until I saw this set. So it's already a winner for me - can't wait to check it out!

Roy Pearl said...

It was definitely a fun one to compile. I had to leave off a long list of worthwhile stuff - like, where's Frank Black, PJ Harvey, Thelonious Monster, the Candy Skins, Dramarama, Morphine, Urge Overkill, the Wildhearts, Sloan, the Grays, the Muffs, Teenage Fanclub, the Hellacopters, Silver Sun, Grand Mal, Marah, etc. etc.?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this was a great set. Lots of keepers here. I guess you can squeeze a lot of good music into a decade. Thanks Roy!

djJonSnow said...

Thank for this mix!I know some similar samples to these track -