Sunday, September 10, 2017

Faves of 2017 (vol. 2)

It's been a long time coming, but the new UHM faves mix is finally ready to rock dad's pants off at your next family gathering.

This one's chock full of stuff from albums that will undoubtedly be featured in my Best of the Year list. It's been great to hear some of this blog's all-time favorites return with maybe the best music of their careers (so far). But there have been some disappointments too. I try to stick with only the positive here, however, so my thoughts on long-awaited releases by Jim Jones and J. Roddy Wa1ston - as well as longer-awaited releases by the Dream Syndicate and the F1amin' Groovies - will have to be saved for elsewhere.


1. Sunshine & the Ra1n Come On Baby
2. The Real Sick1es Everywhere You Go
3. Shear Mag Just Can't Get Enough
4. Need1es//Pins Violet
5. Ho11erado I Got You
6. Biter5 Gypsy Rose
7. The P0pguns We Don't Go Around There Anymore
8. D0wntown Boys A Wall
9. Sam Cash & the R0mantic Dogs Carmen
10. Waxxahatchee Never Been Wrong
11. C0tton Mather Hijinks Dad
12. Successfu1 Fai1ures Misguiding Light
13. L0w Cut Connie Revolution Rock n Roll
14. Gregg Stewert R is for Rock Star
15. Fi1thy Friends Come Back Shelley
16. The Preature5 Lip Balm
17. Duncan Re1d & the Big Heads Bombs Away
18. Cyanide Pi11s Government
19. The Strype5 Get It Over Quickly
20. Boogie Patro1 Foolish Mind
21. New Swear5 Comfortably Hungover
22. Ted Le0 Can't Go Back
23. Danie1 Romano Pride of Queens
24. T0gether Pangea Alison


Anonymous said...

My favorite for the year so far, and unlikely to be topped, is Sweet Spirit's 'St. Mojo.' Spectacular. Close by is their alter ego A Giant Dog's 'Toy.' It's a hell of a 1-2 punch. The Sheer Mag is right up there too. Also loved Cait Brennan's 2nd, 'Third.'

Never heard of them before, but The Preatures have a great name. Fun song too. Nice to hear from the Popguns too. Pretty good year, going by this compilation. Thanks Roy.

Mike Schmidt said...

Another triumph!

Roy Pearl said...

I'll have to track down that new Sweet Spirit before the end of the year. Ditto Cait Brennan. I'm still going to cobble together a 3rd volume of 2017 faves before putting together a Year's Best, so I appreciate the suggestions!

Thomas Kipping said...

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